Seeking Work at the Puget Sound Navy Yard – Bremerton…1940

Keith must have been checking around for potential work in 1940 because he received a letter from the Labor Board of the Puget Sound Navy Yard in Bremerton, Washington on 29 August, 1940. They wrote back that they had no knowledge of jobs in various naval yards? He was learning to negotiate the military and Civil Service not an easy task.

Frankly I am glad he did not go to work in Bremerton, I would have ended up living in the middle of Puget Sound and having to arrange my life around ferry boats that went back and forth to Seattle.  Back then Bremerton was small but it is now much bigger and more sophisticated.

Puget Sound Navy Yard letter 1941.

Puget Sound Navy Yard letter 1940.

History Link has a great article about the Puget Sound Naval Shipyards and a little about Bremerton’s beginnings. There are photos as well.

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