January 1941: End of Military Life – using his skills here on the homefront…

At the beginning of 1941 Keith was working at Boeing.  He received a form letter in the mail dated 4 January, 1941 titled Headquarters of the Ninth Corps Area out of San Francisco.

Keith in Seattle

Keith in Seattle

It stated in Item #2


Section 3b. If you desire discharge on the grounds that you are a necessary individual in an industry or occupation essential to the National Defense, you should immediately request your employer to furnish you with a statement in writing showing the nature of the work performed by you, and its connection with National Defense, and you should then forward the state with the enclosed form requesting your discharge from the Regular Army Reserve to this headquarters. 

As a result he moved quickly and was able to get an Honorable Discharge on the basis that his employment was essential to the National Defense.

On the backside of his Honorable Discharge it reads: Reservist served in an inactive status during this enlistment. Under Prior service there is a mention of “Character Excellent” in several places. Capt. Gwyn P. Rees signed his form on 24 January 1941.

On January 24, 1941 Keith was Honorably Discharged from the Regular Army Reserve.

On January 24, 1941 Keith was Honorably Discharged from the Regular Army Reserve.

Keith was now a civilian. This Honorable Discharge was the end of his military career. Although he had been inactive since 1939.

Several Events would take place in the next months:

1) He would leave Boeing and go the U.S. Naval Air Station at Sandpoint on the shores of Lake Washington in Seattle.

2) He would get an offer of a job from Pan Am.

3) He would get married in on July 4, 1941.

4) The United States would declare war on Japan after Japan bombs Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 and then war on Germany would follow.

Keith was 31 (if says he was 41?) when he was Honorably Discharged so he was of the right age to serve in military actions. His heart was with the airplanes so I think he made the right choice.

His military career was now over.  He was a civilian, but he would work with airplanes and other aircraft for the rest of his life.

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