Eddie’s “Collection of Junk” Scrapbook

Keith’s sister Edna (Eddie) had a scrapbook that she probably took from her sister Jean and filled it with things that a young girl would favor. The scrapbook was really an old deep red ledger book.  The time period that the scrapbook covered was about 1915 to 1929. In 1915 she would have been 8 years old and in 1929 she would be around 22 years old and that means we cover about 14 years.

I have presented this photo before and to me it is probably close to what she looked like back then.

Eddie at a young age

Eddie at a young age

The journal's outside

The journal’s outside

A sample of some pages can be seen in the photo below.  The book was smelling of mold, the pages were torn and yellowing, things were missing from the pages and just crammed back in so where they had been originally is a little hard to determine.  A great many things were lost and all that was left was the writing explaining the item.  I have managed to reunite some comments with the appropriate items.

A example of a page of the journal.

An example of a page of the journal.

Sharing this scrapbook of memorabilia that my Aunt Eddie collected has been fun. A careful reading of the comments made by Eddie introduced me to the idea that the family had lived in Albany, Oregon for a time, about 1917 to 1919.  I have not done any research on that part of their lives but it is on my To-Do list.  The idea of writing about my aunts, uncle and my dad as seen through their sister’s eyes is a far better idea than I would have had.  This “Collection” has caused me to laugh, be touched, be amazed and a little sad.  Oh, the stories I would have heard had I known of this scrapbook’s existence would have been wonderful.  It came to be about 10 years ago and by then they had all passed.

Here is a list of the posts I have written on this blog that feature some of the items from this “Collection of Junk.”  I wish to mention that the photographs and some documents are not in her collection but mine, so I did a little mixing up.

Local Cheney Maid Weds! dated May 11, 2013.

In this post I share the items Eddie had in her collection about her sister Vivian’s marriage.  I felt like I was there back in 1924.

Eddie’s “Collection of Junk!” dated April 25, 2013

This explains the scrapbook a little more its possible history, what it was like, what items were contained inside it and more.

Eddie’s “Collection of Junk” – Brother Gordy early 1920’s, dated September 12, 2013.

I know very little about my Uncle Gordy and his activities.  He was a shy man and very independent. He was single till the early 1950’s so he was free to do as he pleased.  There will be more on him in future posts.

Ronald’s Story Continues! Revisiting Grand Prairie, Alberta and mention of Albany, Oregon,” dated January 3, 2013

In this post, I shared the discovery of the family living in Albany, Oregon for a time and at some point I want to explore it more.  They weren’t there for very long so it may be difficult to find anything on them.

A Collection of Junk! dated June 25, 2010.

In this post we see a coloring project done by her older sister Vivian.  It is one of my favorites.

Under this label Eddie’s “Collection of Junk:” are more posts: 

Sister Miriam Graduates from Cheney High School 1923 to 1925! October 24, 2013

Sister Jean, The Editor – November 7, 2013

Halloween Favors Cheney, WA Style! November 7, 2013

Note:  To find these posts you can go to the Archive on the right of this blog and click on the month and year.  You can also use the search box and type in Collection of Junk.  A third option is to scroll to the Categories, find the surnames and then scroll to Archie and Mary McDonell and under them you should find Eddie L. McDonald and her Collection of Junk.

The posts go on and are literally a history of Cheney High School through the early 1920’s to 1925.  Eddie had items saved from her siblings including a little on Vivian, Gordon and Miriam but more on Jean and herself.  Eddie also shares about her time at Sacred Heart Nursing Hospital from 1925 to 1928.  Enjoy!

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