One Tombstone at a time…!

A bench is provided for reflection

A bench is provided for reflection – St. Andrews

I joined Find A Grave about March of 2014. I stopped adding to my BJM Cemeteries Discoveries Blog back in 2014 and started adding to Find A Grave as many tombstones as I could, that had not already been added.

My BJM Cemetery Discoveries blog is still active at blogger, but I will remove it from the web at the end of 2019.  So if you want to take a look, I suggest you do so.  I will turn it into a PDF with explanations at each of my blogs in a PAGE on those blogs.  See the right side of this blog for a listing of Blogs I like.

I find Find A Grave is really good for finding tombstones and memorials for those buried in the USA. Canada is making progress in adding to Find A Grave. Unfortunately, it only allows you to search for the cemetery and makes you wade through all of the same named ones for the whole country and not by province.  So you may try searching using the person’s name, or the name of the cemetery but remember to spell out Saint, which is the correct way to add to Find A Grave.

Here is a list for searching for cemeteries online for Canada.

The Canadian

OCFA – Ontario Cemetery Finding Aid:

Canadian Gravemarker Gallery:

Field of Stones project:

Gravestone Photograph Resource Canada Page apparently this went away:

Canada GenWeb Cemetery Project:

The Archives of Ontario can give you lists of cemetery publications at their website, here is Glengarry. I did a pretty good job of visiting most of the cemeteries on this list on my trip to Glengarry County in 2012 and I wrote about it on this blog under Touring Glengarry.

Cimetieres of Quebec:

If you know of a website where they are doing great work on cemeteries in Canada, please comment with the name and url.

Updated November 2, 2019

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