Eddie and Jean Celebrate High School Graduation 1925!

April 17, 2014

Graduating from high school is a big deal.  I remember mine.  There was something like 600 students. Roosevelt High School in Seattle was a big school. Eddie and Jean’s was quite a bit smaller which made it probably a very wonderful experience.  They certainly had fun.

Both sisters entered into the Normal School at Cheney after high school.  Jean was on the track of becoming a teacher. She would head for Hammond, Carter Co., Montana and teach there from 1 July 1926 to 30 June 1927.

Eddie was only at the Normal School a short time and she changed course. The whole McDonald family made the move from Cheney to Spokane about 1926.  I believe it was because my father Keith could be near Gonzaga High School and take their mechanical course.  At that time Gonzaga was a high school and college all in one.

Eddie was on a course to attend Sacred Heart Nursing School in Spokane.  I will share her memorabilia from that time in her life in the next posts.

Here are some photos of Jean and Eddie taken in 1925 and I think they are their family graduation pictures.  They are a little later by a few days from the graduation ceremonies.

Eddie by the house with the Ivy 1925

Eddie by the house with the Ivy 1925

Eddie and Jean near the same ivy.  I was unable to locate this house in Cheney and was told a lot of houses had been torn down and new ones built. There are no city directories for Cheney from 1920 to 1925 so I was not able to figure out where they lived while they were in Cheney.

This does say May 31, 1925 Eddie and Jean

This does say May 31, 1925, Eddie and Jean

Jean is so serious.

Jean May 31, 1925

Jean May 31, 1925

Eddie’s Collection of Junk: A Senior Prophecy 1925

April 10, 2014

There was a lot going on in 1925 when Eddie and Jean graduated from Cheney High School in Spokane County, Washington.

Here is a drawing done by one of the students of Cheney High School for the Senior Prophecy for 1925 and some verse.  If you can read the artist’s signature then you are doing better than me!

CHS - Artist 1925

CHS – Artist 1925

In the verses of this poem are references to the senior students, the McDonald comments are on page 27.  Just click the photo and it will open in a larger window, just remember to click you back button or choose your tabs carefully to return to this blog.

Senior Prophecy page 1

Senior Prophecy page 1 CHS 1925

Page 2

Senior Prophecy page 2 CHS 1925

Senior Prophecy page 2 CHS 1925

Page 3

Senior Prophecy CHS 1925

Senior Prophecy CHS 1925

Page 4

Senior Prophecy CHS 1925

Senior Prophecy CHS 1925

So at the very end we see that Edna MacDonald and her friend Lucille Chapman maybe be the culprits and wrote this piece?


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