Eddie’s Collection of Junk: School work!

January 23, 2014

Below you will find pictures of some of the class comments Eddie made about her Sophomore and Junior years at Cheney High School. I think I will let you explore.  I warn you, you will be laughing or grimacing in memory of your high school struggles, remember this is the early 1920’s.  Just click on the picture and it will get bigger, then remember to hit your back button or click the tab closed to return.

Bookmark from Ancient History Class 1922

Bookmark from Ancient History Class 1922

Book market front side

Book market front side

This book mark is soft and rug like but lightweight:

Bookmark Backside

Bookmark Backside

The pride of her Sophomore year, she got a 96 in Electricity.

Eddie's Pride of her Sophomore Year

Eddie’s Pride of her Sophomore Year

Apparently Latin was not Eddie’s thing:

Latin is killing me

Year of mystery

Eddie’s Collection of Junk: More Examples of Domestic Science 1921-23

January 16, 2014

Eddie had a huge wooden loom her in apartment for many years. I mean huge, it was a floor model.  I think it was for rugs, but I cannot remember now.  Yes she was a weaver, knitter, embroidery, sewing, cooking and oh yes photographer.  Here I think you see on the left of her one of her pillows.  Apparently she is working on some project.  This photo was taken in about 1940 but I think it tells you that her love of sewing, needlework and more followed her all her life.

Eddie Crafting

Eddie Crafting

In her Collection of Junk she had these designs:

Examples of Eddie's Designs for Domestic Science

Examples of Eddie’s Designs for Domestic Science

img734 img735 img736 img737

Years later we find two samples of doll clothes she made for her nieces. There were a lot more in the possession of my cousin of these doll clothes:

Doll clothes by Eddie

Doll clothes by Eddie

Eddie’s Collection of Junk: Domestic Science circa 1921, 1922 and 1923!

January 9, 2014

My Aunt Eddie was truly a craftswoman and artist.  All of us of an older age and female took classes in “domestic science,” or maybe you knew it as “Home Economics.” I remember my sewing class in high school and I seem to recall cooking cookies.

Definition of Domestic Science: “The study of cooking, needlework and other subjects concerned with household skills.” from the English Dictionary.

Here is a curriculum for public schools in 1920 in Domestic Science:


  1. Needlework
  2. Household sewing
  3. Preparatory lessons in Home Management and Personal Hygiene
  4. Practical Cookery, theoretical cookery
  5. Laundry work
Eddie at her sewing machine

Eddie at her sewing machine

I wish you could see these and feel them, they have survived 91+ years.  I have practiced these techniques in my time as well in the 1960’s.

Eddie's examples from her Domestic Science Class 1921-23

Eddie’s examples from her Domestic Science Class 1921-23

More of her samples for Domestic Science class 1921-23

More of her samples for Domestic Science class 1921-23

More of her samples for Domestic Science class 1921-23

More of her samples for Domestic Science class 1921-23

Eddie's work more samples

Eddie’s work – more samples

Snaps anyone - More of Eddie's work

Snaps anyone – More of Eddie’s work

Eddie’s Collection of Junk: The Tornado 1921

December 26, 2013

Eddie was involved in what was either a class project, a play or a newsletter?  It was titled THE TORNADO.

There are eleven pages and it appears that it may be several versions of the manuscript or issues?  I have tried to piece it together using the page numbers, but it might be better grouped with the color of the paper.  The date was February 23, 1921.


Chairman:  Elizabeth Andrews

Editorial: Volene Wyatt

Assoc. Editor: Merville Ryan


Literary:  Edna McDonald and Clare Bemis

Dramatic:  Edith Sowles

General:  Walter Murphy

Advertising:  Lester Barr

Sports: Ruby Bargloff and Everett Conley

Locals: Ione Addington

Jokes:  Mina Barnes and Clarance Dykes.

You can just click on the photos below and they will open in a larger window.  Don’t forget to click your back button or close a tab to get back to this blog.












Eddie’s Collection of Junk: Sister Jean the Actress 1924!

November 28, 2013
Jean in 1925 but the gesture is almost the same...

Jean in 1925 but the gesture is almost the same…

On a visit to my aunts Jean and Miriam in the  1980’s, Jean acted in a very curious manner. She was standing at her backdoor to her house in Selah, WA and she put her hand to her brow, palm out, and said in a very melodramatic manner.  “I must go inside now and get beautiful.”  She turned and swept into the house. I doubt beauty was really on her mind but something had inspired her.  We were about to go on a drive somewhere so she was probably teasing me a little. The picture above is Jean in 1925 a little after the play below but I think you can see the actress in her. HA!

When I found this article in Eddie’s Collection of Junk and in the Cheney newspaper (Feb. 24, 1924) mentioning Jean acting in a play, I was delighted.  The scenario above clicked and “I got it.”  I do regret not questioning her about her actions for it could have produced some wonderful stories.  I had been in an old-time melodramatic play in college, so we would have had a wonderful chat about our experiences.  Sigh!

The Fascinating Fanny Brown 1924

The Fascinating Fanny Brown 1924

Eddie had this comment in her Collection of Junk and the names she mentions are in the program below.

Eddie commenting about a play in Junior year.

Eddie commenting about a play in Junior year.

Here is the program for the Fascinating Fanny Brown:

Program for a Play 1924

Program for a Play 1924 – click to read about the plot!!

Eddie’s Collection of Junk: Halloween Favors Cheney, WA style!

November 7, 2013

Halloween for 2013 has come and gone but that is okay.  I want to share some items I found in Eddie’s ” Collection of Junk,” before I continue on with more from her pile of stuff.  They are Halloween napkins and decorations.  They have survived and are probably about 90+ years old, maybe even older.  My Aunt Eddie was a craftswoman as you will come to see.

A Napkin that is very fragile

A Napkin that is very fragile

The next two Halloween Decorations are made of black construction paper and are rather hardy.  The bat has a good ten inches wingspan.  The Owl is about six inches high and 5 inches wide.

A Bat for Halloween circa 1923

A Bat for Halloween circa 1923

Nite Owl circa 1923

Nite Owl circa 1923

This party favor is quite clever, using black construction paper, a pipe cleaner and crepe paper.  The face is very well done.  It could be a cut out.

Scary Cat cira 1923

Scary Cat cira 1923

This napkin is regular sized and was extremely fragile and difficult to scan without tearing it.  Can you believe it lasted 90+ years.  The decorations wrap around the napkin over 2/3rds of it and are quite involved.

Large Napkin circa 1923

Large Napkin circa 1923

School Census for Cheney, Washington

March 28, 2013

I know that Vivian, Gordon, Miriam, Eddie and Jean all went to Cheney High School but not my father Keith, he went to Gonzaga which was a combination college and high school located in Spokane.

HistoryLink.org has a short article about the Normal School


In 2002 when I went to Spokane to do research on my Dad and his family, I went to the Spokane Public Library and tried to find city directories for Cheney among the collection of the Eastern Washington Genealogical Society.  City directories usually cover a large city.  As the city grows more areas are listed in what are called suburban directories.  I was unable to located any city directories that covered Cheney from 1920 to 1925.  I did find Spokane directories and thoroughly studied them. I was trying to find the address for the house they lived in Cheney but was unsuccessful.

A visit to the Washington State Archives on the Eastern Washington University campus opened the door to the use of School census.  My genealogy buddy had told me about them and found some good information for her search elsewhere in the state.

Census of Children, Spokane County, WA 1922

Portion of Census of Children, Spokane County, WA 1922

SOURCE:  Census of Children between 4/5 & 21 years, residing in School District #20, Spokane Co., Washington, May 1920-1926, Washington State Archives, Eastern Branch, Eastern Washington University, Cheney, WA.

1920: Vivian McDonald is listed as parent and signs:
Children listed: Vivian McDonald, Birth: May 12, 1902, Female, 32 wks at school, PO Address: Cheney, WA.
Gordon McDonald, May 3, 1904, male, 32 wks, Cheney, WA
Miriam McDonald, Jan. 15, 1906, female, 32 wks., Cheney, WA
Edna McDonald, Mar 28, 1907, female, 32 wks., Cheney, WA
Jean McDonald, June 30, 1909, female, 32 wks, Cheney, WA
Keith McDonald, Mar 28, 1910, male, 32 wks, Cheney, WA (date is wrong)

1922: R.S. McDonald is parent, Nellie signs
Vivian, Gordon, Miriam, Edna same as above

1923: Nellie is parent and signs as well. Vivian is not listed as doing any weeks at school, Gordon and Miriam did 36 while Edna, Jean and Keith did  35 weeks at school. The rest of the information is the same.

1924: Nellie is parent and signs
Vivian is not listed. Gordon, Miriam, Edna, Jean and Keith are listed with the same birth dates. Gordon is teaching at Big Timber, MT. with no weeks at school. Miriam and the rest did 36 weeks. Miriam is at “Normal.” Edna and Jean are in the 11th grade and Keith is in the 7th.

1925: Nellie is parent and signs
Both Vivian and Gordon are not listed. Mariam is at Normal, Edna and Jean are in 12th grade and Keith is in the 8th. All have done 36 weeks.

1926: R.S. McDonald is parent and signs
Vivian and Gordon are not listed. Miriam is listed as teaching, Edna has no school but is in Spokane. Jean is at Cheney with 36 weeks and Keith is in Spokane with 36 weeks.

These school census really shows the progression of Dad’s siblings lives during a short period of time from 1920 to 1926.  It gives the birth dates and that is good if you don’t have that information.  However, be careful they can be incorrect.

What is on these school census:  Names of Parents or Guardians, Names of the children, Date of birth, sex, no. of weeks at school, Address, signature.

Unfortunately, it does not give an address where they lived while they were in Cheney, WA.  So I have not been successful with the city directories nor the school census to find an address but I have learned a little about the movements of the McDonald children.

Cheney High School 1912

Cheney High School 1912

There was a society in Cheney that I visited called the Tillicum Society and I talked with a nice lady who told me that a great many of the houses in Cheney had been torn down.  This was disappointing news.  She also told me that the Cheney High School yearbooks also didn’t survive which would have been so wonderful to see if the McDonald children were in them.

I was given a handwritten name list of the Cheney High 1920-1925 graduates from the principal who was not identified. It was eight pages long.  I get the feeling this was from his memory.  It is missing Vivian.  Keith didn’t go to Cheney High School, he went to Gonzaga.  I was not given permission to publish but I am sure they would be helpful if you called them.  See link below.

1920:  no one listed from my family

1921:  Listed Gordon McDonald

1922:  Listed Marian McDonald

1923:  no one was listed from my family

1924:  no one was listed from my family

1925:  McDonald Edna, McDonald Jean

By the way I believe the Tillicum Society is now the Cheney Historical Museum:  http://www.cheneymuseum.org/index.html

Note:  The Photo of the Cheney High School was on a notecard given to me by the lady who helped me at the society.  Please go to their website if you had family in Cheney and  support them.

My Aunt Eddie, Keith’s older sister, is going to help us learn a little about what life was like for the McDonald children during Cheney High School years and a little more.  She had a journal book she filled with memorabilia from about 1915 to 1925.  She called it a “Collection of Junk.”


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