Track Team: Gonzaga High School circa 1926-27

Gonzaga Track Team

Gonzaga Track Team

Keith did pursue the physical part of the requirements at Gonzaga and was in the track team.  In the above picture he is the in the back row in the center with his hair falling in his eyes. Start with the man on the left in the suit, then go to the right three young men in. Based on how he looks, I think this was early in his time at the school.

Here is a little more of the full article, the handwritten notations are not personal comments by his friends.

Gonzaga Track team a little more information

Gonzaga Track team a little more information

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A little Class Activity at Gonzaga…

Apparently he was involved with the Sophomore B class group in 1927. He is on the left second row, first person in the photo below.

1927 Keith as Sophomore

1927 Keith as Sophomore

In 1928 he was in the Junior “B” group.  Keith is in the second row on the right first person.  The personal comments are not writings in his book.

Keith in Junr B.

Keith in Junr B.

I am assuming these were class social and political groups for the students and they would plan activities for the class.

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High School Days at Gonzaga: School Activities 1925 to 1927

Keith B. MacDonald, attended Gonzaga High School from 1925 to 1929.  Gonzaga is located in Spokane, Washington. Apparently the high school is still around but now it is at different location than the university campus.

Wikipedia called it a preparatory school in this following article:

The Gonzaga University has a history section on its website that is pretty informative.

In 2002, I traveled to Spokane with my husband and we visited the Foley Special Collections department of the John Kennedy Library at Gonzaga University.  There I did research on my father’s school days and will present my findings in future posts.

The John Kennedy Library at Gonzaga

The John Kennedy Library at Gonzaga

Among his personal possessions was the Gonzaga High School Department, Spokane, Washington catalogue which covers the years 1925 to 1926 and announcements for the 1925 to 1926 year.

Gonzaga High School Catalogue 1925 to 1926

Gonzaga High School Catalogue 1925 to 1926

This catalogue is about 46+ pages and in very good condition. It is also quite detailed in all aspects of the school.  This is the only catalogue that he had preserved.

Here is the calendar for the 1926 to 1927 year (click on the photo to open it).

1926-1927 Gonzaga High School Year.

1926-1927 Gonzaga High School Year.

This catalogue has the following contents and I thought is might be interesting to see what kinds of things my father had to prepare himself for in order to attend this school.  I don’t see much difference from my experience at high school and college 38+ years later.  The only additional areas of note are, of course, the religious instruction and instead of “rules of conduct” he was given rules for gentlemanly behavior.  

Here is a summary:

1.  Calendar 1926-1927 – see above photograph.

2.  Gonzaga High School Department

3. Faculty a list of the persons who instructed the students.

4.  General Information

Gonzaga High School is a preparatory department to the Gonzaga University. It is located on the same grounds as the University, in the city of Spokane, conducted by members of the Society of Jesus as a boarding and day school for boys and young men.  It offers a four-year course made up of the standard high school subjects and is fully accredited by the State Board of Education, the University of Washington and the Catholic Education Association.

5. History and Organization which describes the buildings and campus, the St. Aloysius Church which is apparently still operating and offering mass at Gonzaga. The new, at that time, DeSmet Hall and its description.

6.  System of Education

7.  Admission:  Requires a testimonial of good character. certificate of completion for the eighth grade and if unable to present a certificate they must complete satisfactory examinations in English, Arithmetic, History, Geography.

8. Advanced standing for those in High School and graduation which requires sixteen units.

9.  High School Administration:

  • The Scholastic year begins in September and closes in mid June, two semesters first ending in February
  • Reports go the parents for their review
  • Testimonials for Good Conduct and Application to study are given out
  • Examinations must be at least 70%
  • Promotions, Prizes and Distinctions which include metals, class prizes etc.,
  • High School Graduation awarded for satisfactorily completing 16 credits.
  • Special help from instructors at request of the student
  • Discipline: to develop strength of character and to promote gentlemanly deportment, no profanity, indecent publications or pictures, no use of tobacco or alcohol.
  • Moral and Religious Training which requires Catholic students to follow the course of Christian Doctrine, to make the annual retreat, and to receive Sacraments at least once a month.
  • Physical Training which requires satisfactory standing in studies as a condition to playing on teams
  • Politeness means gentlemenly behavior, neat and clean, polite to companions and respectful of superiors
  • Co-operation means that the parents or wards of the students make sure they study and get to class on time.

10. Rules and Regulations, Divisions of the student Body; boarding students, Day students – see below.

11.  Daily Order for Boarding Students and Day Students.  See below.

Daily Order for Students

Daily Order for Students

Based on the economic situation of my Dad’s family which according to family lore was poor, I assume he was a day student.

12. Expenses: Rates for Gonzaga High School, Extra Charges, Rebates, Student Activities Fund, Private Rooms; Students Outfit for Boarding students, Further remarks, Scholarships.

Expenses for the School

Expenses for the School

13.  Present needs of Gonzaga – a request for monetary assistance to the school.

14.  Course of Studies – Remarks on the Curriculum

A little bit of the course of Study

A little bit of the course of Study

15.  First Year, Second Year, Third Year, Fourth Year, Business Course

16.  High School Organizations: Associate Student Body, Senior HS Soldality, Junior HS Soldality, Senior Academic Debating Society, St. John Berchman’s Sanctuary Society, Dramatic Club, “G” Club, The Annual Staff.

17.  High School Graduation for June 10, 1926 at 2 pm.

18. Awarding of High School Prizes a list, see photo below for awards given.

19.  Register of Students a list of names.  Keith is listed under “McDonald” page 40, second column.

Register of Students 1925 page 1

Register of Students 1925 page 1

Register of Students pge 2

Register of Students page 2 – Keith on left page second column

Register of Students 1925

Register of Students 1925 – page 3

20. Some events for the year of 1925 to 1926

Events for 1925-1926

Events for 1925-1926

Events 1925-1926 pg 2

Events 1925-1926 pg 2

It seems that Gonzaga High School was well run and planned out for the students.  How did he get to school, well, he either walked from E. Nora Street to the school or rode a bike. Gonzaga is northeast of the downtown area of Spokane. Felts Field was quite a ways away from their house.

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Keith and the move to Spokane City about 1925…

Felts Field

Felts Field

The family once again moved about 1925 and settled in Spokane, the city. Their house was very close to Felts Air Field, which I visited in 2002.  They didn’t have a museum at the airfield but in one of the buildings there were pictures on the wall.  You can put “Felts Field” in a search engine and get some really great photos or images of this airfield, click images.

There was a lot of airplane history being created at Felts Field in the early 1900’s.  Apparently Lindbergh landed in 1927 at the airfield.  In later years Keith was always interested in this man and his life story.

I bet this is where it all began, my Dad’s love of airplanes.  This was not the only air show Keith would attend.  This next link is very cool.

The other children: Vivian, Gordon, Miriam, Eddie and Jean had finished high school.  Jean had been move ahead a year and graduated with Eddie in 1925.  They all went to the Normal School which is now Eastern Washington University.

Eddie’s Collection of Junk was heavily weighted toward her sisters but she did have two places that Keith made his mark in her collection.

He writes on the side of this page and doodles as well.  The spelling of Barkely is interesting.

Keith Barkely John McDonald

8 d Training School 25″

Backset Ball Star CTS – (Bloney)


Can you find the arrow that indicates where he is in the top photo?  Unfortunately, I do not know where Dad found this page and what yearbook he took it from.  It was among Eddie’s things in her scrapbook with no identifying information.

Keith's contribution to the collection of Junk

Keith’s contribution to the Collection of Junk

The other item that was included in Eddie’s Collection of Junk was a drawing of an airplane by Keith — not badly done for a young boy.  He even provides the measurements for us to see and mentions the Spokane Aviation School which must have been at Felts Field when it was called Parker Airstrip and renamed in 1925?  I have not been able to learn more about this Training School at this time.

Keith writes on it Spokane Aviation School

Keith writes on his drawing the Spokane Aviation School

Keith's autograph on his airplane drawing

Keith’s autograph on his airplane drawing

Eddie and Keith had a different path to follow from that of their siblings.

Sister Eddie, as you know, became a nurse and went to Sacred Heart Nursing School in Spokane from about 1925 to 1928. I have featured her time at nursing school in posts on this blog.

Keith entered Gonzaga High School in Spokane about 1925 and began his studies at that school. Gonzaga was both a high school and university at the same time back in the early 1900’s.

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