Eddie’s Collection of Junk: The Tornado 1921

December 26, 2013

Eddie was involved in what was either a class project, a play or a newsletter?  It was titled THE TORNADO.

There are eleven pages and it appears that it may be several versions of the manuscript or issues?  I have tried to piece it together using the page numbers, but it might be better grouped with the color of the paper.  The date was February 23, 1921.


Chairman:  Elizabeth Andrews

Editorial: Volene Wyatt

Assoc. Editor: Merville Ryan


Literary:  Edna McDonald and Clare Bemis

Dramatic:  Edith Sowles

General:  Walter Murphy

Advertising:  Lester Barr

Sports: Ruby Bargloff and Everett Conley

Locals: Ione Addington

Jokes:  Mina Barnes and Clarance Dykes.

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Eddie’s Collection of Junk: The Tea Room 1922

December 19, 2013

The Tea Room was quite the affair, at the Carnival for the Cheney High School on March 10, 1922.

Tea Room Napkin 1922

Tea Room Napkin 1922

Eddie kept this very fragile napkin, which is torn and wrinkled, from this Carnival.

A description of the event in this first page.  Click and it will open, hit your back button or close a tab to return.

The Tea Room 1922

The Tea Room 1922

The second page describes the Tea Women – the wait staff:

First shift the hostess was May Hatfield, Merle Mason, Leona Lane and Doris Lane.  The Second Shift the hostess was Vivian Harmon along Lily Pryor, Margy Sheldon, Edna L. McDonald.


Devil’s Food Cake or Doughnuts

Coffee, Tea or Cocoa

Eddie’s Collection of Junk: Cheney High School Freshman Class 1921-22

December 12, 2013

There are many gems in my Aunt Eddie’s “Collection of Junk.” From this point on for many posts to come I will be featuring some of these gems.

One of them is the list of the students for the Cheney High School Freshman Class of 1921-22 and it looks like she wrote it.  The paper is tissue paper and it is very fragile.

These are the types of items that genealogists just go nuts over.  I was at the Tillicum Historical Society years ago in Cheney and they didn’t have much on the high school before 1925.  I believe they are now the Cheney Historical Society?

In the list below, Eddie is number 25 and Jean is 21.  Down at number 43, she lists the officers of the class: President Edna L. McDonald, Vice – Fred West, Sec – Roy Hughes, Tres – Alferd Eixson, Sergant at Arms – Pearl Ragan.  Class meetings 2nd Tues of every month. Class dues 35 cents a semester.  If only there was a photo. HA!

1921 to 1922 Cheney High Freshman Class list

1921 to 1922 Cheney High Freshman Class list

Cheney High School Freshman list 1921 to 22

Cheney High School Freshman list 1921 to 22

Jean’s Birthday Celebration 1924

December 5, 2013

The gossip column in the local newspaper is so much fun to read.  Here we find a little excerpt about Jean’s birthday celebration in 1924.  Her actual birthday was June 30th.

July 4, 1924 Jean's birthday party

July 4, 1924 Jean’s birthday party

It reads:  “In honor of Jean McDonald’s birthday a picnic was held at Fish Lake Saturday.  Those present were the Misses Nellie McDonald, Jean McDonald, Edna McDonald, Harriette Murphy, Doris Ryker and Velma Ryker.”  Cheney Free Press 7/4/1924.

The next photo was taken in 1927 and although it is not from the actual date above,  I thought it was fun.  On the left you find Vivian, then Miriam, Aunt Nellie and then Jean.

Vivian, Miriam, Aunt Nellie, & Jean 1927

Vivian, Miriam, Aunt Nellie, & Jean 1927

Eddie’s Collection of Junk: Sister Jean the Actress 1924!

November 28, 2013
Jean in 1925 but the gesture is almost the same...

Jean in 1925 but the gesture is almost the same…

On a visit to my aunts Jean and Miriam in the  1980’s, Jean acted in a very curious manner. She was standing at her backdoor to her house in Selah, WA and she put her hand to her brow, palm out, and said in a very melodramatic manner.  “I must go inside now and get beautiful.”  She turned and swept into the house. I doubt beauty was really on her mind but something had inspired her.  We were about to go on a drive somewhere so she was probably teasing me a little. The picture above is Jean in 1925 a little after the play below but I think you can see the actress in her. HA!

When I found this article in Eddie’s Collection of Junk and in the Cheney newspaper (Feb. 24, 1924) mentioning Jean acting in a play, I was delighted.  The scenario above clicked and “I got it.”  I do regret not questioning her about her actions for it could have produced some wonderful stories.  I had been in an old-time melodramatic play in college, so we would have had a wonderful chat about our experiences.  Sigh!

The Fascinating Fanny Brown 1924

The Fascinating Fanny Brown 1924

Eddie had this comment in her Collection of Junk and the names she mentions are in the program below.

Eddie commenting about a play in Junior year.

Eddie commenting about a play in Junior year.

Here is the program for the Fascinating Fanny Brown:

Program for a Play 1924

Program for a Play 1924 – click to read about the plot!!

Jean’s Cheney High School Activities 1924

November 21, 2013

Jean was featured in the Cheney High School year book on page 58.  She was a member of the Student Council. Apparently they had their first meeting on December 1, 1924.

Cheney High School Student Council 1924

Cheney High School Student Council 1924 – click to open

Members of the council were:

President: Alfred Erickson

Secretary-Treasurer: Lola Sherar

Faculty Advisor: Mr. Hodge

Charge of Assemblies:  Lola Sherar, Jean McDonald, Beulah Liedloff, Velma Ryker, Theresa Burke, Vesta Clever, John Fishback, Victor Wilson, Roy Huse, Merville Ryan, Nolan Brown and John Nedwed and Cyril Byrnes for acting as substitute.

The Photo:  Jean is the one with the big white-collar front row second from right.

Eddie’s Collection of Junk: The 3 Sister Reporters & Editors!

November 12, 2013
Eddie is featured in the Cheney High School Year Book

Eddie is featured in the Cheney High School Year Book – click to open – back button to return

According to the Cheney High School yearbook (circa 1925) the Cheney News was founded in 1923 and Eddie is the Editor?  In the picture above Eddie is smack in the middle.  Now I know why she kept the 15 issues of this paper.  This newspaper meant a great deal to my Aunt’s Miriam, Jean and Eddie.

“The High School News”  In the long forgotten year of 1923, before the edition of an annual was every dreamed of, the High School News was originated, under the auspices of the Senior Class.  Finances were provided for by general subscription and by advertisements. A faculty adviser and staff were selected by the student body, and the first edition was published in January.  The News was reorganized the following September.  In the fall of 1924 a temporary editor and a business manager were appointed to edit the paper until a permanent staff could be elected. Under this arrangement the first two editions were issued.  The regular staff was elected in November and edited the December issue.  It was as follows:  Editor, Edna McDonald; assistant editor Helen Hochtritt; business manager, John Burke; assistant business manager, Virgil McGee; faculty adviser, Miss Anne Norwood; reports, Majorie Arrasmith, Verne Bacharach, Clarence Dykes, Juanita Eads, Noel Guertin, Lottie Mason, Gertrude Michel, and Elanor Williams.  —Edna McDonald. 

Well, I then went back through all the issues I had of this newspaper and sure enough she was Editor for the January 13, 1925 issue Vol. III, No. 8.  Now Jean was also editor for the November 18, 1924 issue and Miriam was an Associate Editor at one time before Jean.  They were all reporters or on special assignment.  HA!

It is always wonderful to be surprised.  I have scanned the issues of the Cheney High School Newspaper from 1923 to 1925 and created a page.  Go to the top of this blog and you will find it.  Enjoy.

Jean as Editor of CHS News

Jean as Editor of CHS News

Here Eddie is featured:

Eddie is an Editor of the CHS News.

Eddie is an Editor of the CHS News.

Apparently Eddie held Miss Norwood, the advisor to the newspaper, in esteem for she had a picture of her in her Collection of Junk.

Miss Anne Norwood, Adviser for the CHS News

Miss Anne Norwood, Adviser for the CHS News


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