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Keith’s camping trailer creations….more inventions!

Camping was a big part of our family life. My Dad, Keith, would religiously take off three weeks in August and off we would go to some interesting place to spend the three weeks exploring, swimming, fishing, hiking, or even … Continue reading

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Jet Engines, Airframes, Electronic and Missile Familiarization…

Keith believed an encouraged all he knew to be serious about education. We have seen that he enrolled in many courses furthering his craft over the years. He continued to do that in the 1950’s. He had taken a course … Continue reading

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Venturing into Remodeling in the 1940’s to the 1950’s in North King County, WA and Government Improvements

Keith’s, grandmother, Amarilla Urton died in 1942 and he got a little money from her estate. I wonder if that money was used to remodel our house in north King County. My parents were savers having gone through the depression … Continue reading

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1952 – Keith the Inventor gets a patent in 1956

Keith was an inventor and a tinkerer.  He was also very fond of aluminum and rivets. I know this because I used to help him “buck rivets” out on his creations. He liked to fire up the table saw in … Continue reading

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