Change is in the air…Scotland Trip to be moved…

Hello, well I have a problem. This blog has too much stuff on it and it got too big when I was writing the Scotland trip last May and I was forced to increase the space for storage of my media and it ended up costing some bucks!

I plan to turn the trip to Scotland in May of 2018 into a PDF and update my page that I created at the top with the table of contents of the posts.  This will happen by the end of this year.

I might have to do that to a few of my other trips to Canada, we will see.

Meanwhile here is the link to my PAGE on this trip of the table of contents of the posts written, this is where you will find the PDF of the trip to Scotland, table of contents, pictures and links etc.

Clan Cameron Estate, privately owned

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2 Responses to Change is in the air…Scotland Trip to be moved…

  1. Ann Harrington says:

    Love your work. I stumbled across you while looking at ” A Tour of Scotland: The Knoydart Peninsula.” Have bookmarked you so I can revisit. My Grandmother Orpha was a McDonald. I have traced her roots back into Canada (Glengarry) and to Shenachaidh in Knoydart. I visited this site in 2017. My ancestors from Knoydart claim to have been Macdonald of Loupe. I am unsure where they left to come to Knoydart orwhen but it felt so special to visit Shenachaidh and look across the creek at Kilchoan and know my ancestor John Macdonald was buried there. Thanks for sharing your travels / blog. I look forward to exploring your site. Ann ( I live in Melbourne Australia)


    • BJ MacDonald says:

      Ann: Yes, Knoydart was very special and it was really funny for the day before it was sunny and the day after it was sunny but the day we went to Knoydart it was raining and cold. Fortunately, the Ranger’s truck was warm but bumpy, the roads are very rough. She took us into the interior. I don’t know how they survived. You are very lucky to know where they came from. I have a feeling mine are either Knoydart or Glengarry further east. It is all connected in history and people. Macdonald of Loupe is a line and Alex Fraser had a CD in which he had placed many of his research on the MacD’s, I have a copy. He wrote all the Glengarry cemetery books. He died in 2016. It would depend on the dates if it was late 1700’s they probably walked to Fort William (I think it was there then?) or the ships just came into the Loch and they probably took small boats out to the ship…they really didn’t have harbors like we think in the States. Don’t worry the trip will still be accessible but in PDF form on a page on this blog. I will send you a link. Wow you are in Australia. I am not surprised I ponder if I have cousins there. The blog will not go away I just need to trim it. I will contact you from my other email off this blog so if you wish to chat or make comments you can easily. Bonnie


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