An Unfortunate End comes to Soon!

Keith in Selah with his sisters Vivian (left) Miriam on the right.

Keith in Selah with his sisters Vivian (left) Miriam on the right.

Little did I know that as I sat with him watching the Apollo 11 mission on TV in 1969 that he would be gone by July of 1970.  His death was a shock to us all.  He was the youngest of the McDonald siblings and the first to pass.  It is fitting to show the photo above, which was the last one of my father.  He is next to his sister Miriam, on the right, the one that started all this genealogical madness of mine and his older sister Vivian.  This photo was taken in Selah, Washington about June 1970.

On 9 July, 1970, Keith B. MacDonald passed away from a heart attack. He went to work that morning saying he was tired. He died on the roof catwalks at Plant II at Boeing.  He was found too late. He was two days from retirement. My Dad was only 60 years old when he died.  Too young, I think.  Plant II was torn down in about 1992.

Keith's Obituary

Keith’s Obituary

In the above obituary, the Ravenna Community Association paid tribute to my father about his work on stopping the R.H. Thomson Freeway.

Keith was caught in the big Federal cutback in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. Remember the sign “Will the Last Person Leaving Seattle–turn out the lights.

A form letter from the Dept. of the Air Force dated 27 January 1970 (mimeograph style) reads: An agency may now request the resignation of employees who meet the eligibility requirements for Discontinued Service Retirement at any time the agency is placed in the situation of processing or planning a reduction in forceHe really didn’t have a choice so he opted to retire. They even gave them example letters to write their final decision.

Keith Barclay John MacDonald was laid to rest in Acacia Memorial Park in Lake City, Seattle, Washington. I have a memorial for my father at Find A Grave. There was a tombstone photo already there and the person kindly transferred his memorial to me.

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