Jet Engines, Airframes, Electronic and Missile Familiarization…

Keith believed an encouraged all he knew to be serious about education. We have seen that he enrolled in many courses furthering his craft over the years. He continued to do that in the 1950’s.

He had taken a course in Jet Engines about 10 years before but he enrolled again in course titled Aircraft Jet Engine Mechanics Course and received his certificate on 4 December, 1956.

1956 Jet mechanic course

1956 Jet mechanic course

In the photo below Keith is the man on the far right holding his hat and frowning into the sun.

Keith and Others

Keith and Others

On the back of the photo the names are written: Silas Collier, John Strohschein, Earl N. Johnson, Ralph W. [Harrier], K.B. MacDonald

Names on the back of the picture

Names on the back of the above picture

In 1958 he received another certificate. This time from the Air University, United States Air Force Extension Course Institute. He graduated and received his certificate on February 13, 1958 in their Airframe Repairman Course. This Air University was out of  Gunter Air Force Base in Alabama.  It is still around this Air University:

Air Frames Course 1958

Air Frames Course 1958

Both of these certificates were signed by D.C. Strother.

He took courses again from the Edison Technical School in Seattle in 1959. He did a 48 hr course on Electronics Familiarization, his Certificate of Attendance is dated 26 March, 1959.  He then did a 36 hour course on Missile Familiarization and received his Certificate of attendance on 7 May, 1959.  Then in November he received another Air University Certificate referring to the course titled: Fundamental Principles of Guided Missiles, Nov. 6, 1959.

Certificate on Fund of Guided Missiles

Certificate on Fund of Guided Missiles

Keith is the one on the far left sitting down and holding his certificate.  He looks tired. There are no names on the back of this photo which would have been a big job if all those people were in the class.  Do you notice only one woman is seated.

Keith with Others

Keith with Others no names on the back this time.

There is a trend going on here with Keith’s career. He is still at Boeing working as an U.S. Air Force Inspector but the Air Force and Boeing are changing rapidly.

Among his possessions are two wallet sized green cards.

One card was dated 18 Nov, 1960 Expires INDEFINITELY, his name, USAF – AFPR: Need to know for access to Minuteman Controlled Areas and Security Clearances Verified.  He has another dated Sept 6, 1962.

In the photos presented above, I don’t know exactly when they happened but I do remember that my Dad left home on several occasions to go to a location in the middle of the country to attend classes.  Once was in the late 1950’s and then in the mid 1960’s.

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