Naval Air Station at Sandpoint – April 1941 to 1942!

Keith about 1940

Keith about 1940

On April 9, 1941 Keith was reassigned according to a Separation Report.  It does not say where?  Based on what I can figure out, it looks like Boeing released him for reassignment and he headed for the U.S. Naval Air Station at Sandpoint located in Seattle on the shores of Lake Washington and not to Alaska.

History Link once again has a great article giving an overview of the history of this military base.  The Naval Air Station is long gone. It has turned into many things over the years and one of which is a park that is really cool. and

Warren Magnuson Park wetlands

Warren Magnuson Park wetlands, my visit in 2014

Warren Magnuson Park at former Naval Air Station

Warren Magnuson Park at former Naval Air Station

I drove by Sandpoint on occasion to go to NARA (National Archives at Seattle) to do research or attend a PS-APG meetings. NARA has now closed their doors on Saturdays and are only open Monday through Friday, hopefully in the evenings. The Seattle NARA now houses parts of the Alaska NARA collection due to the closure of that branch office. NARA is our Federal records archive.  The Seattle Genealogical Society is across the street from NARA.  The highway that you take is called Sandpoint Way and the Children’s Hospital is along the route as well as several shopping areas that are really cool. Eventually it curves around to find the University Village Shopping area which was up scaled years ago and it now a very fancy place to shop.  The University of Washington dominates the area.

Keith writes about his Air Mechanic General work at the U.S. Naval Air Station at Sandpoint during this period of 1941 to 1942.

Lead Mechanic, instructor and assistant foreman. dismantling of aircraft, repairs of aircraft, assembly and rigging, engine installation, preflight, test flight, rework.  inspection of Naval aircraft being overhauled and repaired. Estimates of work to be done. Inspection of major and minor structural and installations, inspection of aircraft both complete, preflight and delivery, inspection of process shop material, establishment of inspection procedures and forms. Instruction of both inspection and production personnel. This period covered a very broad area, in fact, it covers the 22 components of an aircraft and all parts of its components. Types of aircraft: PBY, F2Fs, F4FS, OSSU, JRF’s, Soc TBFs. Also it includes power plant and electrical and radio (for correct secure installation). Due to the state of expansion and inexperienced personnel, I was also involved in establishment of production routines.

He says that he left the above position in June of 1942 because he was promoted to inspector by request of his supervisor Lt. Com. Brunton.  I don’t think this change went easy based on what I have tried to piece together in his notes and work papers.  He was learning about the politics of work.

If you want to know what airplanes he worked on just put the letters and initials into the Google search engine.  Do something like this:  “F2FS Airplanes” and see what you get, it is really interesting and fun!

I have posted a time line of Word War II on the right side of this blog because I thought it would be interesting to see how the events mirrored my father’s time in the military as well as where he was when WWII started.

On December 7, 1941, Japan attacked the United States at Pearl Harbor.  So my father was working at the Naval Air Station when this event took place. I wonder if all the workers were glued to the radio, which was the way it was done back then, When Kennedy was assassinated and when 911 hit, I was glued to the TV.

The United States was now officially at war by the 11th of December.

USS Arizona 1941

USS Arizona 1941

Behind War Effort

Behind War Effort

NOTE:  I actually met a man who was a survivor of that day at Pearl Harbor and he told us his story.  I have also visited the memorial in Oahu and seen the cemetery there.  It is not the same as actually being alive at the time it happens.

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  1. Russell Henry Porterfield, U.S. Navy Retired says:

    Who and when was the first jet to land at Sandpoint, Seattle?


    • BJ MacDonald says:

      Hello: Well I am afraid I don’t know that answer and even a quick Google search was not too helpful. My Dad would probably know. Thanks for stopping by.


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