The Year is 1940….Keith is living in Seattle!

After 1930 the Ronald S. McDonald family, Keith’s father, was starting to scatter.  As I have described Keith entered the National Guard in 1931 and was on the move from that time to 1938 in an out of various military units.

We find Keith living in Seattle in 1940 at the Dekker Residence in Capitol Hill in Seattle.

Source:  Keith McDonald, 1940 U.S. Federal Census, Seattle, King Co., Washington. Block Nos 29-30, SD#1, ED#40-229, Sht #5A, April 6, 1940, Gladys Jackson, enumerator.

1940 Census for Keith MacDonald

1940 Census for Keith MacDonald

University St & Minor Ave., line 14, 1207, 114, R, 50, No., Dekker, Anthony, Head…..Dekker, Marie J., wife

Line 22, McDonald, Keith, Lodger, 6, M, W, 28, S, No, H4, 30, Washington, 96, San Diego, California, No., 4737, yes, ——– 40, mechanic, airoplane, 330, 38, 1, 52, 1330, no. Note:  His friend Jack Stitt is listed below him. 

Keith was very interested in photography.  Here he is experimenting and taking some self portraits.  He either purposely uses a double exposure or else it was a mistake, however, I like it anyway. I wonder if this was his room at the Dekker house?


Another Self Portrait by Keith

Another Self Portrait by Keith

His friend Jack Stitt was living in the Dekker Boarding house and maybe he helped him with these photographs.

KeithOnSteps KeithOnSteps - CopyKeith is a more casual situation in the photo below. He is walking toward the photographer on the left with a large beer bottle. The man to the right who is very tall in the dark hair and wearing a dark leather jacket might be his friend Jack Stitt.

Keith at a party, probably Lake Tapps

Keith at a party, probably Lake Tapps

Chowing Down

Chowing Down

Take a very close look and you will notice that Keith is loosing his hair and becoming bald. I never knew my father when he had hair so watching the progression and change in his physical features in the early years of his life is very interesting to see.

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