Returning to the 91st Observation Squadron at Ft. Lewis, Washington and into the Regular Army and Settling in Seattle, Washington

On August 2, 1938 Keith B. MacDonald was Honorably Discharged by Guy H. Gale, Major, Air Corps, Officer in Charge.

He promptly re-enlisted for three more years with the 91st Observation Squadron. His paperwork was signed by E.L. Hooper, Colonel, Infantry, Recruiting Officer.

On the page at the top of this blog about my dad, there is the following picture of my Keith by an airplane and friends with his arm casually resting on the ladder.  He is the one in the center of the picture third from the left.  It is one of my favorite photos of my Dad. He has the world by the tale in this photo.  Unfortunately there are no other names written on the photo.

Keith with friends by an airplane probably Gray Field

Keith with friends by an airplane probably Gray Field

Keith was given several Class “A” Passes with the 91st that gave him privileges signed by the same individual: John L. Nedwed 1st Lt. Air Corps.

Solider named above has permission to be absent from his organization when not required for duty. 

Squadron Orders No. 27 gave certain rights for operating the aircraft at Fort Lewis, dated December 19, 1938, signed by Guy H. Gale, Major, Air Corps, Commanding.

Note:  Guy H. Gale papers, 1915-1974 at the University of Wyoming American Heritage Center.

Keith was given:  authorization to operate, start, warm-up aircraft engines at this station (91st) but are not authorized to taxi airplanes.

Some men were given the privilege to taxi an airplane and in some cases only specific airplanes.

Order #27, Dec. 1938

Order #27, Dec. 1938

Keith describes his work with the 91st Observation Squadron as follows:

Junior Mech. Engineering Dept., prop overhaul, battery shop, engine & prop change, fabric repairs, paint and dope, replacement of major components, routine aircraft and engine inspection and maintenance, preflight inspection and engine test, instrument replacement and test, servicing. Participation in tactical flights (gunner etc.). Student mechanic.  

Aircraft worked on: B-10, C-14, C-27, C8-046, BT2B. Engines: R-1535, R-1820, R1340.  

Starting $21.00 per mo., final $30. 

Times were changing for Keith, he was nearing the end of his training in the Air Corps and the call for workers at various industries like Boeing was being heard.  Keith’s commanding officer received a letter dated December 28, 1938 stating that Keith was being retained to work at Boeing for 70.5 cents per hour from the Georgetown Station.

Dec. 1938 Letter from Boeing.

Dec. 1938 Letter from Boeing.

Because of the letter from Boeing, Keith was Honorably Discharged on January 20, 1939 by Charles B. Oldfield, Lt. Col. Air Corps at Fort Lewis, Washington.  I believe this cut short his 3 year term that I have mentioned above.

So for about a month, he probably did some scrambling to figure out his next move. On March 11, 1939 he enlisted for four years as Private 1st Class Air Corps Regular Army Reserve by Lewis Turtle, Colonel, C.A.C. D.R.O.

Honorable Discharge Jan 1939 and reenlistment in Regular Army Air Corps Reserve.

Honorable Discharge Jan 1939 and re-enlistment in Regular Army Air Corps Reserve.

All branches of the military  were going through major changes, at this time, and it gets really complicated.  The events in Europe and the Pacific Theater were getting worse as Germany and Japan were on the move.

The most important event is Keith, my dad, has made the migration and settles permanently in the Pacific Northwest finding an apartment up on Capitol Hill in the city of Seattle.

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