Heading to Rockwell Air Depot in Coronado, San Diego, California for more Schooling, April 1938 to August 1938

Apparently Keith was sent to San Diego to take courses at the Rockwell Air Depot from April through July of 1938.  He was still with the 91st Squadron but I guess they sent him for more schooling.

Keith in Uniform with bloomers?

Keith in Uniform with bloomers?

He received a Certificate of Technical Training on April 28, 1938 in Automatic Pilot Maintenance. Apparently the course was April 14, to April 28, 1938. He received a Satisfactory with an efficiency rating of 90%. This was signed by J.T. Morris, Major, A.C. Chief Engineering Officer.

There was a 2nd Certificate of Technical Training on July 25, 1938 in Engine Overhaul and he received a Satisfactory. This was signed again by J.T. Morris, Major.

There were several other courses taken:  Electrician, Ignition and Battery, Repairer of Instruments.

There was a very large two page letter signed by C.H. Savage, Major, Air Corps. Adjutant, dated June 17, 1938.  It was a very involved letter so I share it here with the men’s service numbers blotted out.  Copies of the letter are available by leaving me a comment.

Special Orders No. 45, page 1

Special Orders No. 45, page 1

Special Orders No. 45, page 2

Special Orders No. 45, page 2

Keith writes his version of the classes he took at Rockwell Air Depot:

  • Disassembly 120 hours
  • Cylinders and values 20 hours
  • Rocker Arms, push rods 16 hours
  • Piston rings, rods 16 hours
  • Crankshaft 20 hours
  • Carburetors 20 hours
  • Generators 16 hours
  • Magneto 24 hours
  • Starters 20 hours
  • Assembly 104 hours

Total 374 hours

Remarks: Very good workman; interested in his work and attentive to orders and directions.

Another comment: Course: Controllable Propeller Maintenance, Rating satisfactory.

Based on articles online at Google and Wikipedia, it looks like Rockwell Air Depot was abandoned in favor of other fields like March Field just about the time Keith was there taking classes.


When watching the Judy Garland show on TV in the late 50’s, my dad mentioned that he had seen Judy in person.  I do not know when this occurred but I am guessing it was when he was in California, or it could have been Minnesota?  He said that her voice was so strong it could be heard in the back of the auditorium.  Judy was born in Grand Rapids, Minnesota and there is a museum, which I have visited, about her life.


Here are some photos of Keith with some friends cutting up a bit. Figuring out where photos were taken has been a little difficult.  This could be Shreveport where he was sent with friends, but the tiled roofs make me think it is Rockwell Depot in California or even earlier at March Field in California. It is summer time.  In any event he had fun.  He was probably the one who suggested this photo.  By now he was coming into being a photographer and film maker on his own he left me a great many photos.

Mowing duty, Keith on the left, the others are unnamed.

Mowing duty, Keith on the left, the others are unnamed.

Once he completed his courses, he headed back to Ft. Lewis to complete his service term with the 91st Observation Squadron in 1938.  Before he went back he made a visit to Mexico.

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