91st Observation Squadron, Gray’s Field, Ft. Lewis, Washington May 1937 to April 1938…

Keith asked to be transferred to Ft. Lewis and the 91st Observation Squadron at Gray’s Field when he was stationed at Barksdale Field in Louisiana.

Entrance to Gray Field, Ft. Lewis, Washington 1937

Entrance to Gray Field, Ft. Lewis, Washington 1937

Here is Keith in his uniform. He is about 28 years old at this time.

Ft. Lewis, 1938 Private 1st Class Keith McDonald

Ft. Lewis, 1938 Private 1st Class Keith McDonald

A Lt. Col. Charles B. Oldfield, Officer in Charge at the Landing Field, Fort Lewis, Washington issued a Certificate on December 16, 1937.  It reads:

I certify that the following named enlisted men appeared before a duly constituted board of officers on December 6, 1937; that they successfully passed the examination with grades shown and that they are eligible for the rating of Air Mechanic in the classification indicate, provided they meet with the requirements of Army Regulations 95-70:

91st Observation Squadron, A.C.

  • Bachand, Warren L., Pvt. 1cl, #______, Repairer, camera 95%
  • Horst, Uriah, Pvt 1cl, #___________, Mechanic, aero engine, 82%
  • MacDonald, Keith B., Pvt. 1cl, # ______, Mechanic, aero engine, 95%
  • MacDonald, Keith B., Pvt. 1cl, # _______, Worker, propellers, 93%
  • Minter, Otis P., Private, # __________, Mechanic, gas engine, 78%
  • Shepherd, Edward M., Private, #______, Repairer, camera, 885
  • Molti, Conrad J., Private, #_____, Repairer, radio, 94%

3d Balloon Squadron, A.C.

  • Hall, Jack, Corporal, #_____, manoeuvering, 75%
  • Dortch, Paul H., Pvt 1cl, #_____, Mechanic, gas engine, 85%
  • Dortch, Paul H., Pvt 1cl, #______, Operator, balloon wi ch & motor windless equivalent, 79%
  • Phillips, Edward, Pvt 1cl, #______, Operator, balloon wi ch & motor windless equivalent, 79%
  • Schmaling, Robert W., Pvt 1cl, #______, Riggor, parachute, 99%
  • Forstad, Oswald  L., Private, #_________, Riggor, parachute, 94%
  • Cuptill, Edward H., Private, #_______, Repairer, radio, 88%
  • Meyer, William L., Private, #_______, Worker, sheet metal, 99%
  • Meyer, William L., Private, #________, Welder, 99%
  • Robbins, Wilbur D., Private, #___________, Armorer, 76%
  • Sutherland, James, Private, #_________, Weldor, 86%
  • MacDonough, John D., Private, #_______, Riggor, balloon, 78%”

Here is a link to HistoryLink.org about Gray Field at Fort Lewis and there is a picture of a Balloon hanger at Ft. Lewis.  This is very interesting to me because now I understand his interest in these balloons.


1938 91st Sqdrn Calendar

1938 91st Sqdrn Calendar

Apparently once Keith arrived at Fort Lewis he was again transferred to the Rockwell Depot in Coronado, San Diego, California about April of 1938.  He was sent to get more instruction.  He was still attached to the 91st and would return to Washington State and make it his home.

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