Air Corps Technical School Graduation – 1936

After hours of study at the Air Corps Technical School at Chanute Field, the day for graduating came. On the 13th of November, 1936 Keith B. MacDonald received his certificate of graduation from Air Corps Technical School in Airplane Mechanics

Air Corps Certificate 1936

Air Corps Certificate 1936

He also received a card showing all the classes he had taken, the hours and his grades. This was signed by Major James B. Carroll, Air Corps.

He was given a SATISFACTORY and he excelled in instruments, propellers, and construction as indicated by his grades.

Remarks were:

  • General conduct: excellent
  • Industry: satisfactory
  • Workmanship and theory: good
  • Resourcefulness: satisfactory
  • Reliable: does not require supervision.
  • A well qualified airplane mechanic.

Keith is 2nd from the left in the front row.

Graduation picture for 1936 Air Corp Technical Training School

Graduation picture for 1936 Air Corps Technical Training School

On the backside of this photograph are the names and signatures of his classmates, their home and station:

Air Corp 1936 graduation class names

Air Corp 1936 graduation class names

It reads Front Row – L to R:

  • Geo. Kettleband, 3 Jillson St., Prov. Rd, Boston
  • Keith B. MacDonald, Barksdale, LA
  • Louis Castro, 384 Davis Ave, West Brighton, S.I. N.Y., Langley, VA
  • Benny Dodyk, R#1 Utica, Mich, Maxwell Field
  • Leo Clingler, R.R. 2 Lebanon, Ind, Brooks Field
  • R.A. Dunbar, March – Plaino, Illinois, 625 East North St.
  • Robt Seward, 19 Adams St., Fair Haven, Vt., Kelly
  • G. F. [Tate], Chanute, Salt Lake City, Utah

Back Row – L to R:

  • Joseph F. [Iasobuzio], 413 Lincoln Rd., Bklyn, N.Y.,  Mitchell
  • Ray E. Boyer, Selinsgrove, PA, Randolph
  • Charles W. Burke, Hamilton, Virginia, Bolling Field, D.C.
  • John F. Clingar, March, Detroit, 94 Tuxedo
  • Maurice C. Unger, 1475 E. 11th, St., Cleveland, Ohio, Langley
  • Alfred Harris, 2626 Emmet St., Chicago, Ill., Randolph
  • Lawrence Ainsworth, 1002 Willow Creek Road, Prescott, Az, Kelly

Here is the less formal graduation photo which I suspect was his idea:

Celebrating graduation

Celebrating graduation

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