Army Air Corps Technical School, Chanute Field, Rantoul, Illinois Aug 1935…

On July 26, 1935, Keith received his orders to report to the Air Corps Technical School by August 15, 1935.

Chanute Field Sign

Chanute Field Sign

Air Corps Technical School, Office of the Trade Test Division, Chanute Field, Rantoul, Ills.

July 26, 1935

Dear MacDonald: Replying to your letter of July 21, 1935 please be advised that enlistments for Air Corps Unassigned were resumed on July 1, 1935. We have a waiting list of approximately 1200 applicants, however, as you are a previous service man you naturally are given preference over the entire list. We can authorize your enlistment for A.C. Unassigned and if you will report to my office in the school Building at your earliest convenience you will be re-enlisted for the Student body. The Air Corps Technical School – which is all unassigned men and who, upon completing their course of instruction, will be transferred to other Air Corps flying fields.

The Airplane Mechanics Course and the Air Corps Supply and Technical clerks course will start instruction on September 3, 1935. 

Your experience in the service plus your general educational and technical qualifications would indicate that you possess all necessary qualifications to be successful in one of these courses.

Yours truly, Wm. J. Barley, Chief, Trade Test Ex. 

P.S. I am enclosing herewith an official authorization for your enlistment 

He was given the Rank of Private 1st Class.

Street and buildings, maybe Chanute

Street and buildings, maybe Chanute

There was another form letter dated the same day, maybe this was the official authorization or at least instructions to report.

Mr. Keith MacDonald, 1809 Marshal Ave., St. Paul., Minn. 

Dear Sir:  

Please be advised that a vacancy now exists in the student body of The Air Corps Technical School, Chanute Field, Rantoul, Illinois, for which you may be enlisted if found qualified, as a result of Intelligence Test, Physical Examination, and as to character.

In view of the above, you are hereby instructed to report at the earliest practicable time to the Receiving Barracks, at Chanute Field, Rantoul., Illinois.

If you are under twenty-one years of age, your parents’ or guardian’s written consent is necessary, and must be presented when you report. You will be further required to present to the Recruiting Officer, Chanute Field, a letter from a reputable citizen, stating that you are not married, and that you are of good character.

Inasmuch as the expenses of transportation involved must be paid by yourself, you are urged, before departing for Chanute Field, to visit the U.S. Army Recruiting Station nearest your home, or a competent doctor, and request a preliminary physical examination, in order to ascertain, as far as possible, that you are in proper physical condition to pass the physical examination for enlistment, which will be given you at this station. Should you find that you are physically unfit beforehand, you would thereby save yourself the costs of the trip and subsequent rejection.

Failure to report, as above specified, at Chanute Field, by August 15, 1935 will automatically cancel these instructions to report for your enlistment. 

Very truly yours,

W.O. Eareckson, Captain, Air Corps, Secretary

Chanute Field Hanger

Chanute Field Hanger

Garage Building

Garage Building, maybe Chanute?

The following photographs of planes lined up may have been at Chanute.

A row of planes at the ready

A row of planes at the ready

More Planes on field

More Planes on field

He had made it into Air Corps Technical School and for the next few years he would be studying the craft of airplane mechanic.  Google images has many pictures of the base at Chanute Field.  It’s history is not a happy one toward the end.

The Chanute Air Museum – was closed

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