The year is 1930 in Spokane…

Miriam, Keith, Ronald, Vivian and Eddie 1930

Miriam, Keith, Ronald, Vivian and Eddie 1930

The photo above is wonderful, Miriam is wearing pants.  Why Vivian and Eddie are dressed so fancy I do not know.  Grandpa Ronald always dress carefully and well.

The 1930 U.S. Federal Census shows that Keith was still at home in Spokane with his father and family.  The house they were living in still stands as of 2002.

Lines 14, 15, 16 and 17, Nora Ave, house #15, 222, 239, McDonald, Ronald, head, renting, $28.00 in personal value, they have a radio. They are not living on a farm. Ronald is male, white and 63 years old, married at age 28, Canadian-English and parents are Canadian English, immigrated in 1871 and is naturalized, profession is “scaler” at a lumber mill, not employed at this time, not a veteran.

McDonald, Nellie, sister-h, female, white, 58 years old, single, born Canadian-English and parents are Canadian-English, immigrated in 1891, Alien status, profession – none.

McDonald, Edna, daughter, female, white, 23 years old, single, born in Minnesota, parents are both Canadian-English, occupation is trained nurse, working at hospital, currently employed.

McDonald, Keith, son, male, white, 20 years old, single, born in Minnesota, Canadian-English, occupation is listed as Assistant Machinist, Railway Shop.

Source:  1930 U.S. Federal Census, Spokane, Spokane Co., Washington, District 34, Pg. 25, Nora Ave, Block 1102, ED 32-34, SD 5, Sh#13-A, #133, April 17, 1930. 

Miriam, Keith, Nellie and Ronald about 1930

Miriam, Keith, Nellie and Ronald about 1930

The children of Ronald and Grace had grown up and now they would go out on their own and make a life for themselves.  Eddie was following the nursing path, Miriam was teaching, Vivian was not allowed to teach as a married women but that would change in time.  Jean and Gordon were in Minnesota at this time both working.  All the money that each of the children were making came back to the family to support Nellie and Ronald who were aging.

Ronald and Nellie were Canadian-English, Grace was born in Minnesota so the census is a little off on the information.  I also think that Ronald emigrated to the United States much later than he has indicated here, more like 1895.

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