The Summer and Fall of 1929 – McGoldrick Lumber Company and the Great Northern Railroad

Apparently, graduating from high school did not slow Keith down.  He took a job even before he graduated and he also went to night school.

About May of 1929, he was working as a mill hand with the McGoldrick Lumber Company. His duties were tail sawyer on the gang saw, edger saw and sweeper. He worked there for $3.50 a day from May 1929 to about September of 1929 and then was let go because of a “reduction in the work force.”

There is a book about this company:  The McGoldrick Lumber Company Story, 1900-1952, by Jim McGoldrick.  I have not read it but it does sound interesting.

An article appeared in the Spokesman-Review dated September 15, 2014:  “Then and Now: McGoldrick Lumber mill,” with pictures of the buildings which are gone now. The mill was on land that was part of the Gonzaga University campus.

After the mill hand position he moved on to another job at a railroad company.

The Tower in Spokane

The Tower in Spokane 2002

He worked as a machinist’s helper for the Great North Railroad at Hillyard, Washington for $3.60 up to $4.60 a day. He was there from September 1929 to May of 1931 and again he left because of a “reduction of the workforce.” His duties were locomotive overhaul which included dismantling and assembly, repair and overhaul of diesel engines, steam shovels, cleaning, painting, roustabout, acetylene torch operation (cutting torch), drill press operation, and crane operation. It looks like he was getting engine maintenance experience.

Spokane Historical has a great article about the Great Northern Railroad in Spokane.  Apparently the tower in the park in the middle of downtown Spokane was part of the Great Northern Railroad complex of buildings which are all gone now.

While he was working at the railroad he attended school at the Lewis & Clark Night School and his course was Shop Sketching for a total of 44 hours.  He received a certificate on December 12, 1929 for his work.

Lewis and Clark certificate

Lewis and Clark certificate

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