Gonzaga Graduation Ceremony to be held June 7, 1929…

Keith graduated on June 7, 1929 in the school gymnasium from Gonzaga Preparatory High School.  He had taken the Latin Scientific Course.


Here is one other version of the graduation photo:

Keith at Graduation in 1929

Keith at Graduation in 1929

Below is a proof sheet for the June 7, 1929 Gonzaga Preparatory High School Graduation class. Something happened and a class book was never published for 1929.

I have attempted to read the names of the young men on this proof sheet and find that the last two were the hardest.  There is one person listed after by the name of Frank Stitz, and I think he was a friend in later years?

The Gonzaga High School Class of 1929!

Gonzaga High School Class of 1929

Gonzaga High School Class of 1929

Starting at the top left first row:  James T. Anderson, Philip J. Rohner, Fegus Cameron, Frederick O. Boutz, Burt C. Hutton, Robert J. Kearns, Richard A. Brown, George J. Corinier, George A. Keenan, Thomas J. Price, Howard J. Rauch, Bernard A. Czesla, John E. West.

Second row from top left to right:  Frank A. Toner, Arnold L. Custer, Lawrence P. Weissenberg, Maruice D. Black, John A. Reinert, Lincoln F. Cadigan, Justin F. Wall, Leo J. Riley, James A. Patterson, Walles E. Woods, Alexander M. Toth, John W. Talmage, Francis J. Schadegg.

Third row from top left to right: William M. Kelly, Frank E. Duffy, Arthur B. Christian, John J. Goudie, Eli I. Adams, Lee W. Grady, James E. Maguire, John L. Maguire, Raymond Berry, Wilfred E. McGourin, John F. Welsh, William A. Kenieson, William E. Lee.

Fourth row from top left to right: Jerome N. McCoy, Richard Williams, Edward G. Kuksht, Charles H. Russell, Joseph K. Partello, Richard D. Weber, Norman J. Campbell, Paul L. Letourneau, Benjamin L. Nixon, Robert A. Loosmore, Arnold Nichols, Robert C. Rooney, Louis J. Tonari.

Fifth row from top left to right:  Bernard Kunz, John S. Olson, Keith B. MacDonald, Wilfred W. Pringle, George F. Currie, Edward Chambers, Donald J. Rowles, Robert Krause, Louise M. Campion, Stephen Connors, Frank E. Stitz, Ralph A. Bushnell, Urban F. Schmitt.

Sixth row left to right:  far left Joseph W. Kearney, James F. Holliet, far right Leslie F. Bennett, Max J. [Krause]

As I typed the names above, I pondered about the lives and fates of these young men entering what should have been the best times of their lives. Life was not going to be easy for them.  In five months the Stock Market Crash of October 1929 would create the worst depression the world has seen. It would be followed by the Nazi threat and then the Second World War.  The next two decades where going to test every ones courage and determination.



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