Keith and the 2nd Grade…

2nd Grade Front Cover

2nd Grade Front Cover

Keith’s 2nd grade school book has survived.  If he was in 2nd grade he would be 7 or 8 years old?  So that means it was about 1917 and maybe he was in school in Albany, Oregon?  There is no date nor anything on the booklet to give clues.

It is rather interesting that he spells his own surname name in the old manner of McDonell on the cover and then MacDonald on some of the pages.

Here is the book and you will note that some of the pages looked like he drew them himself and other pages look like he pasted and/or cut out items.

2nd grad page 2

2nd grade page 2


2nd Grade - page 3

2nd Grade – page 3

2nd grade page 4

2nd grade page 4

2nd Grade - page 5

2nd Grade – page 5

2nd Grade - page 6

2nd Grade – page 6

2nd grade page 7

2nd grade page 7

2nd grade - page 8

2nd grade – page 8

2nd grade - page 9

2nd grade – page 9

2nd grade - page 10

2nd grade – page 10

2nd grade - page 11

2nd grade – page 11

2nd grade - page 13

2nd grade – page 12

2nd grad page 13

2nd grad page 13

2nd grade - page 14

2nd grade – page 14

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4 Responses to Keith and the 2nd Grade…

  1. M.C. Moran says:

    Did Keith himself write his name on the front cover? Or was that done by a parent or teacher? Looks too perfect (almost calligraphic!) for a 9-year old. I agree with Byrna that the name at the top on some of the pages looks like the writing of a teacher. Do you know what school he attended? Page 14 strongly suggests it was a Catholic school.

    What a great family artifact! I love the pasted pictures: the schoolbook as scrapbook.


    • BJ MacDonald says:

      Hello M.C. Moran: I love your site, I have it linked on this blog. You have done a wonderful job with it.

      I have no idea what he wrote or didn’t. I am guessing about it a great deal. I think as you do that Byrna is probably right and that the teacher helped out. You have an interesting idea with the Catholic school. They were Catholic and Keith would go to Gonzaga for High School which I will be posting about soon another Catholic School. I do not know the grammar schools he attended nor where he did this, I am guessing it was in Oregon maybe Cheney? My knowledge of what happened to them after they left International Falls is slim. He was quite the character my father. Now that Byrna has pointed out the scribbles at the bottom front page are the date of 1919, that gives me some ideas. I do know they were definitely in Cheney in 1920 because of the U.S. Census.


  2. Byrna Klavano says:

    It looks like the date 1919 on the front cover. It is smudged a little. I think the hand writing on page 6,7,8 has a teachers handwriting of the name at top and a child’s handwriting around the pictures. I’m surprised that Keith was writing in cursive. I was still printing at that age. Now a days, the kids don’t learn cursive at all!


    • BJ MacDonald says:

      Byrna: Thanks, I blew up the front cover and you are correct it does say 1919. I thought it was just a scribble. Keith was born in March 1910 so he would be 5 years old in 1915 and that is when Ronald left International Falls for Grand Prairie, Alberta, in Canada. So in 1919 he would be 9 years old a little old for 2nd grade don’t you think? With all the traveling and migrating around, I wonder if he was put back in grades? Who knows what being in school in Canada and moving to schools in the USA may have done. I still don’t know if they were in Albany, Oregon or had made it to Cheney by 1919. I can’t tell the difference in the writing of his name but I am open to your explanation. It does seem to me that his handwriting is very different then when he was older. My memory of his handwriting was very careful and small versus big and sloppy. I don’t recall him ever mentioning that he had been bounced around in grades in school.


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