Archibald McDonell sells his land in Chichester 1901

Finding the following deed was very satisfying.  I am grateful to the researcher who assisted me.  I wanted to know when Archie sold the land in Chichester and left for Minnesota.  This deed placed that event.

Sale of Land, Chichester Twp., Pontiac Co., Quebec: Archibald McDonell, farmer Chichester Twp., to John J. McCrea Lumber Jobber of the Allumette Island.  It is interesting that this deed is typed and not in handwriting.  The McCrea name is spelled a variety of ways like McRea in these deeds.

1901 Archie McDonell Deed selling land in Chichester

1901 Archie McDonell Deed selling land in Chichester – partial

 AL 80 17 684 RB Registrar Foncier, (20 Chichester, pg. 1 de 2, No. 17684 or 171184 Deposited and entered the 31st day of October 1901, at 9 am, W ______, Registrar.

Before me, D. Leguerrier the undersigned, public notary in and for the Province of Quebec, residing at Fort Coulonge and for the present at Chichester in the county of Pontiac, aforesaid Province.  Mr. Archibald McDonald, farmer, of the Township of Chichester, aforesaid County, he has sold and conveyed with legal warranty and free and clear of all encumbrances, unto Mr. John J. McRea also farmer and lumber Jobber, of the Allumette Island in aforesaid County of Pontiac hereabout present and accepting purchaser for himself, his heirs and assigns.  A lot of land containing one hundred acres, be the same more or less and known and designed to the official plan and book of reference of the Township of Chichester as being the lot number thirty five (35) of the second range of the Township of Chichester in aforesaid County of Pontiac.

Included in the same deed of sale, the possession and enjoyment he, the said vendor has the Government buildings, consisting of horse and cow stable, store house, pig pen, poultry house and machineries shed and all the plants now standing there, the whole unto the charges of the vendor, at present, of the Culbute Channel. 

And included also the property and ownership that he, the said vendor has in the two additional buildings in the Government house, to wit: a summer kitchen, a winter apartment built in the main body of the Government house, the said additional buildings constructed and executed by the said vendor at his own costs and expenses, though without authorization of the Government, but needed by the vendor to keep his children at home and have them work on the farm for himself, on account of insufficiency of the Government salary. 

And more over and included in the same deed of sale and conveyance, all the moveables lying on the said premises. With all and every the rights, members and appurtenances thereto belonging, of which the said purchaser ____cares to have a perfect knowledge and therewith to be content.  The vendor is lawfully seized of the said property the same having been acquired by him from the Crown Land department, Quebec, and delivers, at these presents, the Crown Land deed.  To have hold, use and enjoy the aforesaid conveyed and sold Lot of Land, buildings and premises, and moveable, with their rights, members and appurtenances unto the said purchaser his heirs and assigns as his and their own proper freehold forever by virtue of these present, to enter upon and with.  The present sale and conveyance has been thus made for an in consideration of proper price or sum of five hundred and fifty dollars paid cash at the execution hereof by the said purchaser to the said vendor the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledge, where of quite.  Done and passed under the number eighteen hundred and sixty three, at the domicile of the vendor in the Township of Chichester aforesaid, on the sixteenth day of September on thousand nine hundred and one, and after due reading hereof the parities vendor an purchased have signed with me said Notary (signed Archie McDonald. John J. McCrea, D. Leguerrier N.P. Certified true copy of the original remaining in the office of the undersigned Notary, D. Leguerrier, N.P.

Archie and Mary McDonell had lived on the land in Chichester for 44 years or about and Archie, if he was born in 1838, would be 63 years old in 1901. The reference to the Culbute Channel and the description of the buildings is worth obtaining this deed and add credibility to the story that he was the locksmaster for the Culbute locks. His children decided that he and Mary needed to sell and come with them to Minnesota. He lived till 1912 and passed away in his sleep.  Mary followed in 1913. They are buried in the cemetery International Falls, Minnesota.

This also implies that in 1901 there were a lot more buildings on the property and I wonder if they are there anymore.  What about government papers hiring Archibald as the lockmaster or more on the building of the locks which government body was involved. The possibilities are there for more research.

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