Some Sheenboro Families that migrated to Saskatchewan…

When I was traveling in the Upper Ottawa Valley on both the Ontario (Renfrew) and Quebec (Pontiac) sides in 2012,  a nice lady found and commented on this blog.  She was very enthusiastic and was involved with the Sheenboro history.  Unfortunately, I had already returned to my home and did not get a chance to meet her.  We have since them communicated via email and more.

She said she was related to everyone in Sheenboro, Pontiac Co., Quebec and she is very interested in the families, genealogy and the history of the people of the Upper Ottawa River including Sheenboro, Chichester and Chapeau on Allumette Island.  She had also visited many of the cemeteries and taken photos of them calling it her Stones and Bones tour.

Her name is Linda Berube Inch and she is on Facebook and Ancestry and is also the administrator of the Facebook group titled:  The League to Preserve Timmins Heritage.  Apparently a lot of people from the Sheenboro and Chichester area migrated to Timmins. If you are like me, Timmins is north of Sudbury, Ontario which is north of Toronto.  Linda has many photographs and interesting documents and information on this page so you might want to check it out.

She has graciously given me permission to share this photo which she presented on her Facebook page.

Sheenboro Families

Sheenboro Families

Unfortunately the photo is very difficult to read so with help from Linda this is what we came up with:

“Sheenboro natives who left Sheenboro (in order to) establish a new colony called Sennetville. The families that followed him (?) (were..) T.J. McGuire, James Devine, Thomas Burke, and Hugh Downey. Individuals (included) Simon Sullivan, Michael Hayes, Harold Hayes, Bridget Masterson, Angus MacDonald ( Ida Perreault) married Angus MacDonald and later returned to Sheenboro (Ida was born January 27 1883 and returned on July 12 1904. Jenny and M– Slattery became nuns out west. Margaret Meehan became a nurse in the west. The M Slattery could be Mary.”

I am particularly interested in Hugh Downey and his wife Theresa McDonell who was the daughter of John McDonell and Julia Elizabeth Lacour (Ricard/Tebeau/Thibault).  The Angus MacDonald mentioned married Ida Perrault and was a son of John and Julia.

John looks very promising as the brother of my great-grandfather Archibald McDonell who lived in Chichester and was the Culbute Lockmaster.

I have been trying to find more of Archibald’s siblings but have not been as successful as I have with his wife my great-grandmother Mary McDonell.  Yes she was a McDonell as well. This whole blog is about these families and the ones connected to them.

You will find past posts on this blog about Hugh Downey and Theresa and the others I have mentioned.  Here are several posts you may want to study. I am still trying to make sure the lineage is correct so if you have information please comment.  Just go to the side bar on this blog and you can search for them either in the Archives or in the Categories.

 The Migrations of the Downeys and MacDonalds, dated June 5, 2014

A Discovery:  Archie’s brother John McDonell, living next door in Sheen?, dated March 31, 2012.

 My curiosity being what it is, I tried to find information about this Sennetville Colony mentioned above but cannot bring up anything of significance online. The Archives of Saskatchewan has a very nice website devoted to settlement but no mention of this group of settlers at Sennetville:

UPDATE 8/1/2014 at 10:03 am – From the Encyclopedia of Saskatchewan we find the Irish Colony called Sinnett after the Fr John Sinnett :  Try Fr. Sinnett in Saskatchewan, Irish Settlements etc. in Google.  Very interesting. 

If you have any information about any of these families and their migrations, please contact us by leaving a comment on this blog, both Linda and I would  love to hear from you.

NOTE:  I have learned about the nature of Canadian research and after traveling in Ontario and Quebec that you need to increase your search area (geographically) for your ancestors.  They were a lot more mobile then we think and you just might find them in Ottawa or Montreal, or further out West or even into the USA like my family did in 1901.  Remember that the area of Sheenboro, Chichester, Waltham, Chapeau (Allumette Island) and Pembroke was a thriving mining, lumbering area when our ancestors were there but by 1900 it changed and now it is a sleepy neighborhood community. I know, I traveled it and you can read about my travels in the posts titled Tour/Touring of the Upper Ottawa Valley which includes Renfrew and Pontiac Counties.

UPDATES 8/3/2014: a book to check into:  The way things were…LeRoy and District Saskatchewan Centennial 1905-2005, Vol. #2 under Loyola School District #1910. The History of Loyola, it was the school in the hamlet of Sinnett. 

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14 Responses to Some Sheenboro Families that migrated to Saskatchewan…

  1. Marie Pratchler maiden name McGuire. says:

    Hi, I have the picture posted of the families from Sheen to Saskatchewan. Can anyone identify all the people. I would really appreciate any help.


    • BJ MacDonald says:

      Marie: The photo was shared with me by Linda, whom I refer to in the post, she helped me to interpret as many of the individual’s as she could. You will have to go to her to see if she has figured out more of the individuals in the photo since then. She has posted this on her Timmins facebook page and I don’t know if anyone has identified more people. Thanks for stopping by.


  2. HughMcGoldrick says:

    My wife and I visited Sinnett Saskachewan this summer on our way to Saskatoon. We walked through the cemetary and saw many af the names listed in the photo. It is a beautiful place. My gr gr grandmother was Mary-Ellen Devine.


    • bonmac says:

      Hugh, welcome and thank you for your comment. I have never been to Saskatchewan and it is only through cousins and other family that I see what places are like. Thanks for sharing. When I was in Canada in 2012 I saw the spires of the churches reaching to the sky and I knew that Canada was built on faith. These individuals that traveled to this area of Sinnett and Leroy were to me brave and amazing people.


    • Marie Pratchler says:

      my great grandmother was Mary Devine w/o Arthur Devine. Their daughter Ellen Devine married Thomas McGuire. They were my grandparents. Marie


      • BJ MacDonald says:

        Marie: Thanks for stopping by and sharing.


      • Len says:

        Hi, Bonnie, I can remember  My Dad talking about about the Devines and McGuires. They were neighbors. They were my grandfathers age. Any way how are you folks keeping , well I hope. Getting ready for Xmas, hey.  We had a busy summer and fall. Went on a river cruise from Amsterdam to Budapest in Sept ,16 days. What an experience But was glad to get home…(Bonnie shorten this message for privacy reasons). Len and Joan.


      • BJ MacDonald says:

        Hello: Wow sounds like you had fun on your trip. We are also ready for Christmas. Not really a good idea to chat about personal things on these comments on the blog. So I shortened your message a little. Have a great Christmas and New Years. Bonnie


  3. Brenda Sasseville says:

    I am not sure if I connect back to the McDonell’s you are mentionning here but my maiden name is McDonell


    • bonmac says:

      Brenda: If you family came from Ontario or Quebec or even the Maritimes and you are a McDonell it is possible you have roots in the area that my blog covers. Untangling McDonell lineages in Canada is a tough business. Be aware that it can be spelled several ways McDonell, McDonnell, MacDonell, Macdonell, McDonald, MacDonald. In my family my father chose MacDonald, his father Ronald or R.S. was McDonald and his siblings used that spelling. The old version on my great Aunt Nellie’s charts was MacDonell. For each of record keeping many researchers works use a specific spelling to make it easier to find things but not necessarily correct. The Scots didn’t care it was all M*Donald to them.


  4. Joan says:

    After some searching in the history books from back home, Sinnett, of the early homesteaders, it mentions; Tom McGuire, Jim Devine,Simon Sullivan, Michael Hayes, Harold Hayes, Angus MacDonald, Pat Masterson and Pat Slattery….so this has to be them.
    I haven’t come across anything on High Downey and Theresa McDonell yet, will let you know if I do.



    • bonmac says:

      Joan thanks so much. Could you send me the titles of those books you were looking at? You can email me direct and I can post if you like. This is so cool.


  5. Joan & Len says:

    Interesting! We grew up in ‘The Irish Colony’ in Saskatchewan. My mother’s maiden name was SINNETT. Some of the names mentioned in the picture homesteaded at SInnett. The Irish Colony was founded by Father Sinnett, a Jesuit priest from Ont.. If you google’ Sinnett The Irish Colony Saskatchewan’, there is a lot of information there. What a small world.


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