Eddie’s Collection of Junk: The Subject is Boys!

School dances can be fun and frightening especially in high school. Eddie had her dance card among her possession in her Collection of Junk.  This is very interesting because someone designed the card in the form of a butterfly.

CHS Junior Prom 1924

CHS Junior Prom 1924

Here is the program from the backside:

CHS Junion Prom 1924

CHS Junior Prom 1924

Eddie did get some dances in. Do we even do this in these days, have dance cards?

Eddie's Dance Card

Eddie’s Dance Card

The Senior class list is inside the Junior Prom program?

CHS Senior Class 1924

CHS Senior Class 1924

Here are Eddie’s comments about the dance. Just click the photo below to read it in her own words, then hit your back button to return.  If you understand what she means, let me know.  Apparently socializing was tough in high school even in the 1920’s.

Eddie's comments

2 Responses to Eddie’s Collection of Junk: The Subject is Boys!

  1. That Eddie was “shiekless,” I think she means that she did not have an escort or steady boyfriend so she felt a bit awkward and exposed, solo at the dance. She says the boys had a lack of regard for her personally or for girls in general, except when “there is something to be done,” probably like washing the dishes or other things they thought were women’s jobs!

    • bonmac says:

      It is a fun comment and it would be so great to hear her say what she meant. I think you are probably right. It apparently was difficult to connect back in 1920 as it is now. Thanks for stopping by. I should do a post about my experiences in Wedgewood when I was little. Take care.

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