Hilary’s Early Life!

Here are some photographs of Hilary McKanna, my Aunt Vivian’s husband, taken in his younger years, probably taken in Alaska:

Hilary as a young boy

Hilary as a young boy

Hilary with another boy that might be one of his brothers?

Hilary with a boy not named?

Hilary with a boy not named?

In this following photograph we see Hilary in a happy mood.  The writing on the back had C. Penglase and I wonder if this is the C. Penglase that married Helena Mary McDonald, daughter of great Uncle Angus McDonald who would know be Hilary’s father-in-law Ronald’s brother?

Hilary with friend - C. Penglase

Hilary with friend – C. Penglase

This photo is one of my favorites of Hilary.  My memories of him were he was a gentle and kind man.

Hilary by the stairs about 1920

Hilary by the stairs about 1920

This photo was taken in 1923:

A Portrait of Hilary McKanna 1923, just before his marriage to Vivian

A Portrait of Hilary McKanna 1923, just before his marriage to Vivian

My curiosity and the inspiration of the blog:  A Convergence of Families has pushed me to try a few internet searches and I found some additional sites that will further the McKanna family history:

The McKanna House and Family from a descendant of James Adelbert McKanna:


The Rooney Family in Canada which mentions the parents of Michael and Katherine


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2 Responses to Hilary’s Early Life!

  1. Bob Willis says:

    I am Bob Willis, the author of the website on the Convergence of Families. I think I can help with the pictures just above here. The first is Hiliary in Douglas, Alaska; the second and third are Hiliary and Claude Thomas Penglase. The relationships go like this: Michael Bernard McKanna married Katherine Ann Rooney. Their first born was Elizabeth McKanna; she married Robert J. Willis, I in Douglas Alaska, on November 7, 1903 in Douglas, Alaska. Their third born was Emmett Joseph McKanna, born in Miles City, Montana on June 8, 1879. Emmett went on to marry Lillian Penglase on July 15, 1909 in Douglas, Alaska. Lillian was an older sister of Claude. Hiliary was Michael and Katherine’s last born, on June 11, 1892 in Douglas, Alaska.. Claude was born on June 14, 1893 in Douglas. Hiliary and Claude were good friends.


    • bonmac says:

      Bob: Thank you for responding to my comment on your website. I really like it and think you did a great job. I like the title too, very clever of you. I am very jealous of your picture of Michael’s gravesite. Glad it is document however. So it is Claude Penglase. I think he is the man who married Mary Helena McDonald daughter of my great Uncle Angus? Do you have any information on this possibility? Helena Mary’s marriages are a bit of a mystery. HA! As I stated in another post I did find the graves of Emmett and Lillian and their son by accident. My family is buried in the Calvary Cemetery in Yakima. They are not far apart. If you recognize any more photos please let me know. https://macdonellfamily.wordpress.com/2012/02/16/the-family-of-angus-mcdonell-eldest-son/ Bonnie


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