Local Cheney Maid Weds!

In 1924, my Aunt Vivian got married.  It apparently was a big event in the lives of the McDonald family.

My Aunt Eddie celebrated her sister’s marriage with several items saved in her “Collection of Junk.”  Eddie had an article about the wedding and even wrote down the menu.

Cheney Maid Weds Yakima Man.

Cheney Maid Weds Yakima Man.

Menu:  Fruit Cocktail, Friksee’ Chicken, Mash Potatoes, Jello Salad, Buttered Peas, Cucumber Pickles, Olives, Peach Pickles, Ice Cream, Chocolate Cake, Wedding Cake and Coffee.

The cake looked delicious:

Vivian and Hilary's Wedding Cake

Vivian and Hilary’s Wedding Cake

On another piece of paper Eddie wrote down the names of those who attended:

The Wedding Guests and Party

The Wedding Guests and Party

It reads with my clarifications:

 June 25, 1924, Cheney, Washington, St. Rose of Lima Church, by Rev. John E. Lyons.

Those present:

R.S. McDonald (Father of the Bride)

Nellie McDonald (Aunt)

Elizabeth Willis

Robert Willis

Francis McKanna (Phil’s daughter?)

Phil McKanna (Hilary’s brother?)

Rev. Lyons

Justine Toff

Gordon McDonald (brother)

Miriam McDonald (sister)

Edna McDonald (sister)

Jean McDonald (sister)

Keith McDonald (brother)

Vivian McDonald (The Bride)

Hilary M. McKanna (The Groom)

The Cheney Free Press (dated 7/4/1924) under Local Happenings second column, pretty much confirms the guest list leaving out some of her siblings.

Local Gossip about the wedding

Local Gossip about the wedding

Note:  I am assuming that the newspaper article with the picture of Vivian and titled “Cheney Maid Weds…” came from the Cheney Free Press where I found other articles referencing the event.  I did not have a lot of time to search this newspaper when I visited the Eastern Washington University library microfilm collection of newspapers to confirm this fact.

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2 Responses to Local Cheney Maid Weds!

  1. Bob Willis says:

    Bonnie, I can confirm some of the attendees at Hiliary and Vivian’s wedding. In the picture you have of the wedding guests, on the right hand side are four women in white: the older woman in front is Elizabeth McKanna Willis; just behind her is her daughter, Katherine Margaret Willis; next to Elizabeth is another young girl, Francis McKanna, daughter of Philip McKanna; Philip is the tall man standing next to Francis and next to his brother, Hiliary. My father, Robert John Willis, the best man, does not seem to be in the picture. Perhaps he was taking it! Bob Willis


    • bonmac says:

      Bob: This is great. It was quite the affair for my family, this wedding. Okay, so the man in the middle on the right of Hilary is Phillip McKanna? I was confused because Bob (Guy) was not in the picture like he was in other wedding party photos. The other person missing is my father, Keith, he would be easily recognizable because he was young at the time about 14 years old. Maybe he was holding the dog that is in some of the other pictures. I think that might be Tony. He said he had a dog when he was young. It might be a better explanation but my Dad was quite the photographer and I have like 450 photos plus from his collection. So what this photo is covers the Willis,’ the McKennas and the Mc/MacDonalds.


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