Jack McDonald succumbs – 1949

3rd version: Jack with his sibling and nieces

Here is another photograph like the ones I featured in the last post.  This time Jack has a straw hat on and he is standing in between his two siblings.

LtoR: Vivian, Nellie, Jack, R.S., Miriam.  If you study the photo and focus on Jack and R.S. you can see some resemblance.

Jack gave me quite a challenge regarding his death.  I could not find any evidence of his passing in the International Falls records.  I finally figured it out.  The reason was he died in Moose Lake, Carlton Co., Minnesota on the 11th of December 1949.

Carlton Co. at Moose Lake in the State Hospital. Residence was Koochiching Co., International Falls, 983 Sixth St. Length of stay in the hospital 9 mos, 8 days. Full name: John A. McDonald, male, white, married. Spouse Sarah McDonald, her age 76, Dated of his birth Jan. 14, 1869, he was 80 years 10 mos and 27 days. occupation: Janitor. Born in Chichester, Quebec, Canada. Father’s name Archibald McDonald, born in Canada. Mother maiden name Sarah McDonald born in Canada. Funeral Director – James F. Morine, Duluth, MN. Died December 11, 1949 – arteriosclerosis and senility etc.

Source:  Death Certificate, John A. McDonald, #1983, Reg. No. 155, Moose Lake, Carlton Co., Minnesota, Dec. 11, 1949, State of Minnesota Vital Statistics, Minnesota Historical Society Death Certificates.

Note:  The date given for his birth is Jan 14, 1869.  The St. Alphonsus Church records have January 3, 1869?  They also have Sarah as his mother and it should be Mary.  His tombstone reads 1870.  His death certificate gives the Jan 14th date.  Also the number for the house he lived in might be a little off.

John A. 1870 to 1949

There is an obituary article from the The Daily Journal of International Falls, dated December 12, 1949. It reads:

“John A. McDonald, 903 Sixth street, one-time mayor of International Falls and a resident of the community since 1904, died Sunday at the age of 70. He passed away at an out-of-town hospital after an illness of more than two years. Time and place of funeral services will be announced in a later issue of the Journal. The Green Mortuary will be in charge. Familiarly known as “Jack,” Mr. McDonald served one two-year term as major from 1922 to 1924. Prior to being elected to the No. 1 office in the municipality he represented Ward III on the city council for four years. He was also one of the first members of the Falls fire department and maintained an active interest in the organization until he resigned in 1941 because of his health. Mr. McDonald was well-known to thousands of children whom he encountered in his work as fireman-engineer at Alexander Baker school. He joined the school custodian staff in 1913, shortly after the AB building was constructed. Upon his retirement in 1945 he had 32 years of school service to his credit. Born in Chapeau, Quebec, Jan. 14, 1869, Mr. McDonald emigrated to the United States as a young man in 1901 and settled in Bemidji. The same year he was married to Miss Sarah M. Burns, who survives. The couple moved to International Falls in 1904 and Mr. McDonald soon established a dray line, which he operated until 1913. In the latter years he joined the school building staff. Surviving, in addition to his widow, are a daughter, Mrs. Gilbert (Mary) Louiseau, and a brother, Alex, both of International Falls.”

This obituary notice really gives a great overview of Jack’s life.

He is buried with his family in the Forest Hill Cemetery which includes the St. Thomas Cemetery.  The burial site is dominated by this large tombstone with McDonald on it. If I recall, I was told by the family, that Jack and Archie bought the plot and had this stone installed.

McDonald Tombstone

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8 Responses to Jack McDonald succumbs – 1949

  1. Paula Stamp says:

    Hi There: I am looking for someone who can help me locate my grandma who was burried in Sheenboro cemetery. Her name was Constance Gleason. Any help would be appreciated or if you could direct me to someone who can help.


    • bonmac says:

      Paula: Thanks for stopping by. I have removed most of your contact information. I will email you directly some options that you could try. Researching in the area is difficult and you can try online sources for the graves. You didn’t give much information so you will need to provide more to other like the Upper Ottawa Valley Gen Group if you contact them. Good luck!


      • Paula says:

        Hi There: Thank you so much for replying, I did not know where else to go, I have found out more info. Her name was Mary Elizabeth Constance Gleason. She lived in Chapeau, Quebec. She was born in 1917 and passed away in 1996. Married to Michael Gleason who died in 1983. Funeral director was Neville Funeral Home in Pembrooke. She was apparently buried at the St. Paul The Hermit Cemetery in Sheenboro, Ponitac, Quebec. We have been several times to the cemetery; however cannot locate her. My Dad would really like to find his Mom.


      • bonmac says:

        Paula, Okay that tells me that her burial is very recent. I would contact the Neville Funeral Home in Pembroke and find out what their fees are for obtaining funeral records. Some funeral homes charge $10-15.00 per person. The funeral records should indicate whether a tombstone was purchased or not and who purchased it as well as maybe a copy of the funeral announcement and an obituary notice. In this case it might be worth it to obtain the funeral records. If you can’t afford the fee they should at least be able to tell you about the burial etc. Whether they know where in the cemetery the burial is, I would ask and get a map or location. It is not that big a cemetery. My guess is that she is in the western newer section. They might refer you to the actual cemetery office if there is one. Here is their website: http://www.nevillefuneralhome.ca/ Some funeral homes are funny about giving out information and may ask you to write them a letter with documentation. Since your Dad is involved he is a direct descendant and that is a good. These are some hints as to how to work with a funeral home. They might be very obliguing or very fussy about rules of privacy. Be very polite and pleasant even if they are difficult. If this doesn’t work and you get stuck go to the Upper Ottawa Valley Genealogical Group and I am sure that someone there knows this funeral home and may have records. Good Luck!


      • Paula Stamp says:

        Wow, thanks so much. I do not mind paying any fees at all. I do not believe my Dad even has an obit notice. I did try to do a search on the Neville site; however came up empty handed. A map of the cemetery with her location marked on it would be of great help as when we were there, there is no marker, headstone anything. I understand that the funeral home may be hesitate; however I can get my Dad involved if need be. I was trying to get this together for a Christmas present for him. He is not getting any younger and he would love this info and to find the gravesite. He was at the burial in 1996 however things have changed, grown in, he does remember being by a big tree,,,sorry. He is in his late 70’s. Please keep me informed if you do get anywhere. I really do appreciate all you have done. Paula


      • bonmac says:

        Paula: I really would go to the Upper Ottawa Valley Gen Group and ask for their help. You will have to pay for the service but it would be easier than trying to figure this all out by yourselves. They will know what is the situation with the cemetery. I went to my uncle’s funeral and only remember some but I had to figure out the name of the cemetery and where it was because my memory had faded. My father’s and mothers are all jumbled up in my memory because of the stress of it. Good Luck. Let me know how it turns out. Oh, places close at this time of the year so be ready for that possibility.


      • Paula Stamp says:

        I was looking at their site yesterday. Their fees seem pretty reasonable. I will get in touch with them if you think it would be faster, thanks. I will keep you updated. You have been too kind.


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