Calumet Island, Pontiac County, Quebec

My original plan was to drive through Bryson but I didn’t do that.  This was my tour of the Quebec side of the Outaouais River.  I discovered another route, Chemin Wilson, that took be directly to the bridge that crosses to Calumet Island.

What is it about a place that captures your imagination or charms you?

Welcome sign to Grand Calumet

I had obsessed about getting around on this island but it turned out it was a no brainer. Silly me!

From the bridge to Calumet Island

Another view from the bridge to Calumet Island

The Ottawa River on a beautiful day, from the bridge to Calumet Island

Anyway you just follow the highway, Chemin des Outaouais from the bridge and it curves around and comes very quickly to the little village of L’îlle-du-Calumet.  From the main land side at Campbell’s Bay, I had noticed that Calumet Island’s eastern side sloped upward to the crest of the island.  Again if I had more time and energy I would have explored more.  I contented myself with exploring just the southeastern part.

From the village on Calumet Island looking east to the Ottawa River

There was a lovely park with parking that faced the Outaouais River.  This is the eastern branch of the river that surrounds Calumet Island and is the gentler lazy side of the river.  I did not investigate the western side which I believe is where the rapids are and all the whitewater rafting takes place.

I continued passed the village,L’îlle-du-Calumet,  for a good kilometre and I came upon the St. Anne Roman Catholic Cemetery.  Here I provide one photograph.  Sorry, it was getting late and I had more touring to do.

St. Anne’s Roman Catholic Cemetery, Calumet Island

There was another church with black stone in between the beige and white stones.  It was beautiful.  It was right in the village and behind it up on the hill was another cemetery and I am assuming that is the Grand Calumet Roman Catholic Cemetery.  Neither one of these cemeteries listed McDonald’s.

The church with black stone, Calumet Island

I did park along the river’s edge in the park I mentioned and enjoyed the Outaouais river views.  In the distance was a church spire.  Ah…Campbell’s Bay.

Campbell’s Bay in the Distance

It almost seems like times stands still on Grand Calumet Island.

I was curious about the Jean Cadieux legend and memorial.  I am always drawn to these types of stories.  Apparently the monument had been in a different location and got vandalized so it was moved closer to the village on the east side and just south of it.  I blazed right by on my way to the village my focus on the river, but found it on my way out.  There was a little half circle driveway that you could pull off the road to read the information board and view the memorial. I will let this website tell about his legend in both English and French:

The Monument to Cadieux, Calumet Island

Looking east to the Ottawa River.

One last item, someone’s video of a tour of the island, which has been removed because of copyright? 

Even though my visit was short, I was glad I came…yes I was charmed.

Au Revoir!

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