Tick Tock! The Time Is Approaching!

       My trip to Canada is fast approaching.  First stop is British Columbia to revisit old memories and to learn about the other side of the family, my mother’s, which I feature in the blog:

The Boardman’s and Browns of Winnipeg: A Canadian Story


         If you live in the Pacific Northwest a good place to go and do some Canadian research is the Cloverdale Library in Surrey, British Columbia.  It is just a few hours from Seattle.  It is known for its Canadian genealogical collection. This is where I found my family the Browns and the Boardmans in the census, in Winnipeg several years ago.  Yes, this was before it was all put online.  I was scrolling through the census and there they were, both families living very close to each other.  I actually found the Browns first.  It was a very good day!  Little did I know that it would open a door for me and I would go from knowing little about this side of the family to what I do know today.

The Cloverdale Library Home page: http://www.surreylibraries.ca/location-hours/4684.aspx

The Cloverdale Family History page:  http://www.surreylibraries.ca/location-hours/4684.aspx

The library has a booklet about researching in Canadian that they have on sale at their website.  They will be republishing this year.  I have a copy and highly recommend it.   My version is 2007.  It is called:  Canadian Genealogical Resources. A Guide to the Materials held at the Cloverdale Library.

They also have printouts on various subjects and specific information printouts for the provinces on genealogical research tips.

At the Cloverdale Library in Surrey, BC, I talked to the librarian about the Upper and Lower Canadian Land Petitions at the LAC website.  We decided that the dates cut off before Archibald McDonell and that I was going to have to call them on their toll-free number and dig deeper.  I turned to pulling books off the shelf and reviewed them.  They had the Lochiel Parish book and St. Regis in three volumes. These are of course, regarding my McDonell line and I describe what I was doing in the Boardman and Brown blog.  So go and check it out at:  http://boardmanbrown.wordpress.com/

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