Jennette Catherine McDonell & Her Two Marriages!

Jennette was a challenge because the priests changed the spelling of last names of individuals according their individual preferences so there were many variations of the surname McDonell/McDonald,McDonnell, etc.  To make matters even harder they changed the spelling of Jennette’s first name as well.  You will notice different spellings for first and last names for individuals.  It is best to keep and open mind!! (See source summary at the end of this post.)

Jennette Catherine McDONELL was born about 1836 to Alexander John and Ellen (McPHERSON) McDONELL. She died 2 September 1916 and was buried 4 September 1916 in the St. Alphonsus Church cemetery in Chapeau (Cemetery Inscriptions and Burial Records…#A76, Row 3, pg. 4, and #1315, pg. 89).

Jennette married twice, first to Angus John McDONALD and then to Thomas PAYNE.

I.  Marriage No. 1:  Jennette and Angus John McDONALD were married on the 26th of September 1851 in the St. Alphonsus Church. Angus John’s father was Angus McDONELL (note the spelling?).

Sources for their marriage are:
1) FHL#1029797, #M10 St. Alphonsus Church Records.
2) Marriage Du Comte De Pontiac 1836-1973 FHL Book#971.4215 K29.

Angus and Jeanette had (8) eight children during their marriage and many descendants.

1.  Margaret McDONALD – may or may not be part of this family.

2. Sara Catherine McDONALD – may or may not be part of this family.

3.  Jane Wilhelmina McDONALD was born 3 September 1852 in Chapeau and was baptized the 21st of September 1852. (#B83, FHL#1029797).  She died about 1902 and is buried with her husband in the St. Alphonsus Church cemetery.  (Cemetery Inscriptions and Burial Records… #A220, pg. 10).

Daniel and Jane (McDonald) Kennedy courtesy of cousin L. Kennedy

Jane married a Daniel J. KENNEDY who was born about 1848 and died around 1923 in the Chapeau area.  He and Jane are buried in the St. Alphonsus Church Cemetery (Cemetery Inscriptions and Burial Records…,#A220, pg. 10).

About 1800 grgrandpaDaniel with child courtesy of cousin L. Kennedy

Jane and Daniel had a very large family of eleven (11) children:

a) Mary Marcella KENNEDY (no birth information found) was married to John BUTLER on 19 July 1893 (#M6, page 136, FHL#1304675).  John’s parents were Patrick BUTLER and Mary HAYDEN.

Mary and John had five children:

1) Joseph Herbert BUTLER was born 1 May 1894 and baptized 13 May 1894 (#B36, FHL#1304675).

2) John Cecil BUTLER was born 3 January 1896 and baptized 13 January 1896 (#B4, FHL#1304675).

3) Edward Leslie BUTLER was born 18 November 1897 and baptized 20 November 1897 (#B45, FHL# 1304675).

4) M. Francis Elsie BUTLER was baptized 16 October 1904 (#B70, pg. 242, FHL#2030662).

5) Mary Ellen BUTLER baptized 19 January 1915 (#B5, FHL#2030662)

b) Kenneth KENNEDY – See Nellie’s chart.

c) Clara Anne KENNEDY (no birth information) was married to James S. RYAN on 22 August 1898 at the St. Alphonsus Church (#M12, FHL#1304675). James Ryan’s parents were James RYAN and Catherine McGUIRE.

Clara and James also had a large family of seven children:

1)  Daniel James RYAN born 5 June 1899, baptized 9 June 1899  (#B46, #1304675)

2) Catherine Jane RYAN born 23 March 1901, baptized 31 March 1901 (#B19, FHL#1304675).

3) Elizabeth Ellen RYAN baptized 3 July 1908 (#B58, pg. 414, FHL#2030662).

4) Mary Helen RYAN baptized 27 December 1910 (#B96 pg. 491, FHL#2030662).

5) Maria Latita RYAN baptized 16 January 1913 (#B1, pg. 554, FHL#2030662). May have married a Barny Robshaw?

6) Patrick Joseph Edward RYAN baptized 18 July 1915 (#B36, pg. 8, FHL#2030662).

7) Rita Ethel RYAN baptized 12 May 1918 (#B24, pg. 44, FHL#2030662).

d) Edward Kennedy – See Nellie’s chart.

e) Alexander Ernest KENNEDY (no birth information found) married Mary Catherine KEARNEY on the 11th of September 1906. (#M15, pg. 327, FHL#2030662).

f) Lena KENNEDY – She may have been a nun. Update her full name was Helena Josephine and she was a nun named Sister Mary Daniel. (12/22/2017)

g) Marg Ethel KENNEDY was born about 1878 (Cemetery Inscription and Burials Records…, #B98,Section B, Row 5, pg. 24) and died around 1961.

She married a Thomas John POUPORE born about 1874 and who died around 1956.  The date of their marriage was 11 September 1901 (#M19, FHL#2030662).

Ethel and Thomas had 4 children:

1) Lawrence Kennedy POUPORE born 19 Dec 1902 and baptized 25 Dec 1902 (#B91, FHL#2030662).

2) Ryburn Alexander POUPORE was baptized 1 April 1905 (#B19, pg. 257, FHL#2030662). Ryburn may have married a M. Mildred BURNIE per a note on his baptismal record.

3) Joseph Elmer POUPORE was baptized 17 Jan 1911 (#B8, pg. 493, FHL#2030662).

4) Mary Catherine Genette POUPORE was born 22 Dec 1915 (#B70, pg. 13, FHL#2030662).  She may have married an Edward Thomas Edmund Gallagher?  She was confirmed 13 May 1927.

Angus Kennedy courtesy of cousin L. Kennedy

h) Angus Gordon McDonald KENNEDY was born 29 May 1882, baptized 11 June 1882, died 1903 (#B47, FHL#1304675). (Cemetery Inscriptions and Burial Records…#A220).  He is buried with his parents.  He may have drowned? Update: He died in a canoe accident on the Ottawa River 3, July 1903 (12/22/2017) Interesting note:  Archibald McDonell was listed as a sponsor of this child.  He is my great-grandfather.

i) Elizabeth Anne KENNEDY was born 11 October 1885 and baptized 20 October 1885.  She may have been a nurse (#B104, FHL1304675). Update she married Arthur Gogin in the U.S. and was a private nurse (12/22/2017).

j) John Allan KENNEDY was born 29 February 1888 and baptized 4 March 1888 (#B14, FHL1304675).  He married a Mary Teresa POUPORE on the 10th of October 1916.  Her parents were Andrew POUPORE and Marguerite VERNE (#M17, pg. 24, FHL2030662).

k) Mary Edna Loretta KENNEDY was born the 21st of April 1895 and baptized on the 28th of April 1895 (#B3, pg. 217, #1304675).  She married an Andrew KENNEDY on the 13th of September 1922 per a note written next to her baptismal record.

 4. John McDONALD born 22 March 1854, baptized 6 April 1854  according to his birth/baptismal records (#B14, FHL#1029797).  There is a burial record for a John McDONELL who died 18 March 1854 in the Cemetery Inscriptions and Burial Records book #1323 p. 89.  According to a visitor to this website she has confirmed that this date of his death is correct (12/22/2017). He died at 4 months old.  These dates don’t work but the parents are Angus and Jeanette?  Maybe the year is off?  

 5. Ellen McDONALD born 27 November 1855, baptized 8 December 1855 (#B69, FHL#1029797). Ellen died 29 January 1900 and was buried 31 January 1900 (Cemetery Inscriptions and Burial Records book…#A61, 1313).

Ellen is stated to have married a James L. FERGUSON (Furgeson) and had six children by him.  They are listed on Nellie’s chart.



 3) Jenny FERGUSON


5) Ellen Elizabeth FERGUSON born 20 August 1885, baptized 9 September 1885 (#B86, FHL#1304675).

6) Joseph Angus Alymer FERGUSON born 16 June 1888, baptized 11 July 1888, (#B62, FHL#1304675).  He died 22 July 1903 and was buried the 24 of July 1903 (Cemetery Inscriptions and Burial  Records…#587, pg. 65).

6.  Elizabeth Anne McDONALD was born about 1858 and she died 31 March 1882 and was buried 2 April 1882 (Cemetery Inscriptions and Burial Records…#1322, pg. 89).

Elizabeth married an Edward POUPORE (alternate spelling Edouard Paupare).  Edward was the son of William POUPORE and Susan McADAMS.

Edward and Elizabeth were married on the 14 of July 1879 (#M5 FHL #1304675).  This couple is also listed in the Marriages Du Comte De Pontiac 1836-173 FHL Book 971.4215 K29.

There seems to be some confusion regarding Elizabeth’s middle name.  I have seen “Jane” and “Anne” used.  I am lending toward the “Anne.”

The children were:

(1) Mary Ellen POUPORE who married a Daniel Joseph KENNEDY on 15 October 1907.  She might have had a nickname of “Mayme?” (#M23, FHL#2030662, p. 379).

(2) Elizabeth Anne POUPORE born about Mar 1882, died 8 August 1882 and was buried 9 August 1882 (Cemetery Inscriptions and Burial Records…#1336, pg. 90).

7. Elenar Catherine McDONALD was born 1 September 1860 and baptized 2 September 1860 (#B74, FHL#1029798).

8. Mary McDONALD born 9 March 1862 and was baptized 20 March 1862 (#B35, FHL#1029798).

Angus John McDONALD died on the 21 May 1866 and is buried in the St. Alphonsus Church Cemetery (Cemetery Inscriptions and Burial Records…#A76 Row 3, pg. 4, #1307).

II.  Marriage No. 2:  Jennette remarried to a Thomas Payne and had one at least one child with him.  I did not find a marriage record for this couple.

1. O’Kane O’Kain Cameron PAYNE was born April 1869 and baptized 10 April 1869 (#B29, FHL#1029798).

O’Kain married Catherine O’BRIEN b. about 1875 (no record found at this time) and had six children:

(1) Mary Helen PAYNE was born 2 April 1901, baptized 6 April 1901 (#B22, FHL#2030662). She died 9 June 1917 and was buried June 1917. (Cemetery Inscriptions and Burial Records… #1565)

(2) Thomas Cameron PAYNE was baptized on 3 May 1906 (#B62, FHL#2030662).

(3) Lincoln John PAYNE was baptized 5 April 1908.  (#B21, FHL#2030662, pg. 396)

(4) Edward Allen PAYNE was baptized 9 January 1910.  (#B3, #2030662, pg. 400)

(5) Janet Catherine PAYNE was baptized 13 April 1913 (#B16, FHL#2030662, pg. 559)

(6) George O’Kain PAYNE was baptized 26 December 1920 (#B95, pg. 491, FHL #2030662).

Source:  1891 Canadian Census, Chichester, Pontiac Co., Quebec, T6413, pg. 1-30. Family 10, Payne, Thomas, 54 yrs. old, married, born in Ont., father born in England, mother born in Scotland, Roman Catholic, farmer.  Janet, female, 59 yrs old. married, widowed, born in Ont., father and mother born in Scotland, R.C.  O’Kain, male, 22 years old, not married, born in Quebec, parents both born in Ont. laborer. Mary Poupore, female 10 years old,  born in Quebec, parents born in Ont.

Update:  In the book:  “For Singing and Dancing and all Sorts of Fun,” by I. Sheldon Posen.  There is a picture of O’Kain Payne on the page between 62 and 63.  His name is spelled O’Kain by the author.

Thomas Payne was born about 1838 and died 6 June 1907 and is buried in the St. Alphonsus Church Cemetery (Cemetery Inscriptions and Burial Records…#A257, pg. 12).

Attached is a PDF of the descendants of Jeanette McDonell without the sources.  Please note that Thomas Payne was her 2nd husband and Angus McDonald was her first:  JennetteMcDonald2011


Source Summary

1)  Aunt Nellie’s Charts – see the post on this blog dated July 21, 2011 “Nellie’s Charts – Her Mother Mary McDonell’s Family,” to obtain a copy of Nellie’s chart.

2) Elaine Brown Descendancy Chart 2003.  Elaine’s chart had some differences but on the whole it was very close to Aunt Nellie’s chart for this side of the family.  Elaine shared this with me in private but I am sure she would be open to sharing with others if they contact here through her email at her Burns-Grier website at:  Just let her know why you are contacting her.

3)  Canadian Census found at the Family History Library (FHL) or at Ancestry.  Additional census research needs to be done on each of these family units.

4) St. Alphonsus Church Records online at the Family History Library website.  Choose Quebec for location, go deeper to Pontiac County and choose church records.

5) The post on this blog dated March 23, 2010 “Records of the St. Alphonsus Church,” gives details of this collection of church records from Elaine’s book and a little of my input.

5)’s Church Records collection (Drouin) for Quebec at their website.

6) “Cemetery Inscriptions and Burial Records of the St. Alphonsus Church..,”  compiled by Elaine Brown available online for sale at:

7) Marriage Du Comte Du Comte De Pontiac 1836-1973 in book or CD-ROM format.  World Vital Records online has a copy but they will charge you.  WorldCat may help you to locate a copy of this book near you in a public archive.

NOTE:  Please be advised that I studied the St. Alphonsus Church registers up to about 1920 and stopped.  I was trying to establish that my Aunt Nellie’s charts were accurate and that these families did exist.  I was more interested in learning about Archibald and Mary McDonell my great grandparents who left Chapeau and Chichester about 1901 and migrated to Minnesota.  I went a little beyond the date of 1901 up to about 1920 to just see the possibilities.  When I first studied these films I did not do a great job of sourcing them to my Legacy database, so I have been spending the time cleaning up and hopefully, I have correctly assigned the sources to the person and the dates are correct.  I would suggest that if you are a descendant of Jennette and Angus John or Thomas Payne please review these films and sources carefully.

Take the above information on these families as a guide only!

Oh, if you are a cousin, please contact me, I would love to meet you!!!

PS: The above photos were added on 9/1/2018 with permission of L. Kennedy and her father. I love my cousins.

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9 Responses to Jennette Catherine McDonell & Her Two Marriages!

  1. Linda says:

    According to my records John McDONALD was indeed born to Angus McDONELL and Jeanette (Janette) McDonald. They were married September 26, 1851. According to our records, John died July 18, 1854 at four months of age. His sister, Catherine died after two days. She was born Oct.1, 1861.The disparities in spelling are confusing. My great great grandparents were Angus McDonell and Janet McDonald. Angus Kennedy died in a canoe accident on the Ottawa River July 3, 1903. We have a large portrait of him. Elizabeth Kennedy was married to Arthur Gogin in the U.S. and she was a private nurse. Lena Kennedy’s full name was Helena Josephine and she became a nun with the name Sister Mary Daniel. Hope this fills in a few blanks.

    Thank you for your valuable research.


    • BJ MacDonald says:

      Linda, thanks. I appreciate the information.


    • BJ MacDonald says:

      Linda, can you clarify Catherine in my list is the first one or the one I have born 1860? Elenar Catherine? Thanks Bonnie


      • Linda says:

        According to the Burial Records of St. Alphonsus Church #1348 the daughter of Angus John McDonnell and Janet was called Sara Catherine. She died Oct. 1, 1861 at the age of 13 months, 15 days. Interesting to note that in attendance at her funeral was A. H. McDonnell which may have been Alexander Hugh McDonnell the grandfather of Daniel James Kennedy who would marry Sara Catherine’s sister, Jane Wilhelmina in 1870. Alexander H. had lost his wife, Catherine McDonnell only a few months earlier in August. Also in attendance was Angus McDonnell the grandfather. It would have been redundant to name her father, Angus.


      • BJ MacDonald says:

        Linda: Thanks again for sharing this information. Bonnie


  2. William Hempel says:

    Hi Bonnie, In reading through your various notes, I couldn’t help but be surprised in some very unusual connections with all of your research. I have had a connection to Washington State as well in relationship to this family. One of Barney Martin/Flora Payne’s daughters (Georgiana Martin) married John Robert Conway in Marquette Michigan in Feb 1884. They had a son, John Robert Conway in Baraga Michigan in August 1884. Now for the twist – I have the Death Certificate for Georgiana from Washington – she died on 23rd April 1916 at Fort Steilacoom and buried in Tacoma (her last residence was Kiltitas County). Her husband John Robert Conway (sr) died 1st June 1925 in Leavenworth, Chelan Washington and is buried in Leavenworth North Road Cemetery. Their son did spend time in Alaska, never married and died at the King County Hospital on 11th Sept 1928 and was cremated according to the Death Cert. As you can imagine, I found the fact that you live in that part of the country really interesting. So Flora Payne’s (sister to Thomas Payne) daughter and grandson lived and died in your area. Thought you may be interested in this small connection too.


    • bonmac says:

      Yes, someday I will do a map showing the migrations of all the lines of my family coming from the east coast of both Canada and New England and moving west in both countries and ending up in the Pacific Northwest. This includes my dad’s family and my mother’s. There are McD’s variations of the names buried here in this area and I ponder that they might be family. A lot of the people did move away from Chichester/Chapeau some went north and other headed west and south. I have Spracklin family that came here to Washington State. Mary McDonell my great grandmother’s brother Duncan’s son came to Minnesota and ended up in California with family living there today. I have a 94 year old cousin living in Carmel from that family. So I am not surprised. I am wondering if Archie’s other sibs also moved on to western Canada and the US and it is why I can’t find them. My grandfather on my mother’s side died in Steilacoom at the hospital there. I ponder that I may have cousins in Australia, HA! This is very interesting. They did move around more than we give them credit for. Next time I go to Leavenworth I will stop by the cemetery there. Leavenworth is a tourist mecca and it looks German like. My father and his siblings are the ones that came her to Seattle. My dad loved airplanes as you know from the title and I am getting close to sharing about his time in the military in the 1930’s. I have not forgotten about the stories but I have to ask permission. Bonnie


  3. William Hempel says:

    Thomas Payne was the youngest of 7 children born to Thomas Payne and Isabella Cameron (bd 1 Dec 1836 from Chichester, Pontiac Quebec 1901 census). My relationship is to another of the 7 children Flora Payne who married Barney Martin on 4 May 1851 at Basilique Notre Dame in Bytown (present day Ottawa). Thomas and Isabella (Flora’s parents) were married at St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Williaimstown Glengarry Ontario on 4 April 1815 (Ancestry marriages 1800-1910). I have been in contact with a person from Glengarry and there is a church book printed there with details as well.

    While I am only distantly related and don’t know all the movements of the Payne family at this point (Apr 2013), Barney and Flora moved to Marquette County Michigan and another brother of your Thomas and my Flora, Allan Payne moved to Montrose Genesee County Michigan. Through the records I have previously seen, I did know about O’Kaine or O’Kane and only one other brother William. Thanks to your tree on this site, I can see more information about O’Kaine’s children. I don’t have any information for his brother William at all.

    You have done a wonderful job developing this site and it is a credit to you and your efforts. Wonderful to find people contributing to this type of research. I just happened to be looking for more information tonight about Les Iles aux Allumettes when your site popped up. I would also like to visit the place on one of my trips to that part of the world. Thank you again.

    William Hempel
    Sydney Australia
    (former resident of Michigan)


    • bonmac says:

      William: Wow, all the way from Sydney, Australia. Thank you so much for all this information on Thomas Payne. Yes, I do find that they spell O’Kaine or O’Kane a variety of ways. You migrated a very long from Michigan to Australia. Oh, I would love to visit Australia but I have been diverted by all these relatives and ancestors. I met a Kennedy cousin while traveling there in Ottawa and the region and he told me stories about Jennette and Thomas Payne. I will have to dig that out for you and get that to you. I have not really been given permission to share online at this time. Thank you for the compliments they are appreciated. I was very frustrated with the lack of records in the early years. I did notice that they moved around a lot more than you think. I see you mention the marriage in Bytown (Ottawa). If the William took off, it is no telling where he went. There is mention of the Yukon on some of these ancestors? If you learn anything more please stop by again and share. Bonnie


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