Trip 2014: Western Ontario, Montreal and more!

Update: February 14, 2014

Finally, I have made a decision.  I will be headed to Toronto and putting together another BIG trip.  I will go west of Toronto and then east to Montreal.  I am not going to say where from there, it will be a surprise.  So I best get to planning this event.  It will be a mix of McDonald on my dad’s side and Boardman, Brown and McMurray on my mother’s side.  It will be again, a two blog thing and maybe just a dash of another.

Update:  August 9, 2013

The most complicated part of the clinical trial I am involved with has past.  Now I have to see the bills get paid.  So this has again postponed the trip and I am looking for August 2014 as the next adventure.  I am thinking that it needs to be broken down into two trips.  First to Detroit so that I can visit the Brown family sites in LaPeer County (my mother’s side) and then into Western Ontario to visit more Brown family sites.  The Second would be to fly into Toronto to visit the Archives for Ontario and then head east again to Belleville to do more on the Brown family.  I would also work on the McDonald’s to see if I can’t find Archie and Mary’s family.  Then if I am clever head to Montreal to go to the ANQ or go to Montreal separately?  So many choices and decisions to make.

Update:  March 26, 2013

Well life has a funny way of throwing you a curve.  I will not be able to make it to Ontario/Michigan in 2013.  Money and health issues are interferring with and slowing things down.  The other fact is that my trips are usually 3 weeks long and I get very tired and maybe that had something to do with my thyroid situation?

My health issues mean that it might not be a good idea to be gone so long.

I am doing real well but I will need more treatments for my thyroid cancer this coming spring and summer.  Hopefully by the middle of summer I will know how it is going.

It doesn’t hurt to rethink what I really really want to accomplish.  Ask myself what I can do from afar and what I have to do onsite.  So it is looking like I can set my sights on spring 2014 and see what I can conjure up.   I am okay with it.

Update January 5, 2013:

The Ontario Genealogical Society will hold their annual conference in Oshawa, Ontario which is east of Toronto May 31, to June 1-2, 2013.

OGS Conference 2013

OGS Conference 2013

I won’t make this one because I have to save my money and it means I will be scheduling my trip to western Ontario and Michigan in August/September 2013.  I have been dealing with Thyroid Cancer which was diagnosed on July 19th, 2012 and had my thyroid removed in September followed by some cancer treatments.  I am doing well.  Thyroid cancer treatments are not like other cancer for they use radioactive iodine to treat the cancer.   I will have to monitor my results.  I have written a little about this cancer that I have had in my blog about my two gentlemen cats.  Yeah I know…sounds silly but it is really about caring for our pets and Sneakers and Ebony were part of that treatment and I had to be careful about their health.  “The Adventures of Ebony & Sneakers, My Two Gentlemen Cats,” at

It is time to start planning the next genealogical adventure.  I was planning a much bigger trip to Canada but it was too much so I have broken it down into two trips.  I completed the first part of the trip last year in Spring of 2012 (see the info below and this blog for those posts).  I am now planning to go to the western part of Ontario and part of Michigan and maybe a little of northern Ohio?  We will see if I can get it all in?  It will involve more of my Brown family origins and a little of my MacDonald/McDonald research for I plan to spend some time in the Ontario Archives in Toronto.

Time to get planning!  Bonnie

Update today July 16, 2012:

The trip to Ontario and Quebec has been completed and I returned on June 9, 2012.  I finished up the posts covering the trip and there were quite a few.  I have also uploaded to Picasa the rest of my cemetery photos and embedded a link in the post that the cemetery refers to.  You click on that link and it will take you to the photo album.  Also if you look up on the Picasa page you will see menu to open and see all my cemetery photos for other trips.

The posts started with the May 2, 2012 post “Tick Tock! The Time is Approaching!” and includes the trip on May 11, 2012 “British Columbia, A Special Visit!”

The actually beginning of the trip was posted on May 26, 2012 while on the trip and titled “Sunday May 20, 2012: Renfrew County, Ontario” and ended with the June 30, 2012 post:  “In Reflection: My Trip to Ontario and Quebec!”

Trip dates were May 20 to June 9, 2012, three weeks of traveling and 2117 miles covered. WOW!

There were 63 posts from May 2 to June 30, 2012.  This should help you to zero in a little on the trip time frame.  You can go to the right of this blog on the side bar and scroll down to use the Archives to focus on the dates and you will see that there are 6 posts in May and 47 in June.  The other option is to use the Categories and focus on the Locations and Cemeteries.



Update 3/15/2012:  The itinerary is coming along, the reservations have been made and the days are ticking by as the date for this trip gets ever closer.

The destination is Ontario and parts of Quebec in Spring of 2012.  There is a still a lot to prepare for regarding the research which will cover the McDonald’s and a little bit on the Browns and Boardmans (see blog link on the right side of this blog).

Some destinations will be Ottawa where the Library and Archives for Canada is located.  The Pontiac Archives in Shawville, Quebec and the Upper Ottawa Valley Genealogical Library in Pembroke, Ontario will be targeted.  A tour of Allumette Island, Chichester, Sheen and more is planned.  This means that both sides of the Ottawa River will be experienced.  Cross your fingers that I will be able to find out more on the origins of Archibald, Mary and their families?

Belleville and Trenton are targeted for research on the Brown family.  Of course, one of the stops along the way will be the Ontario Genealogical Society Conference held in Kingston, Ontario this June 2012.

Ontario Genealogical Conference

If the origins of Archibald and Alexander John McDonell point back to Glengarry County, Ontario then that is another area that will be visited.   This will be a challenging genealogical research trip for sure and full of surprises I hope!  I will be posting about my trip on this blog as I travel in Ontario and Quebec.  I will also post on the Boardmans and Browns blog regarding the part of the trip that covers that research.  So keep an eye on both this blog and that blog for upcoming details as well: Bonnie – 3/15/2012

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