Eddie’s Collection of Junk: The Movies and Music!

February 6, 2014

Eddie uses the saying “I was Shiekless” in her comments in the last post about the Junior Prom.  We have been pondering the meaning of this comment.  I wonder if it has something to to with this man.

Eddie was very fond of Rudolf Valentino.  Here is his head shot compliments of the Liberty Theatre in Spokane.  He did a movie called “The Shiek.”

If you go here or view his silent movies be prepared to be SHOCKED! (Just kidding!)

He was considered quite racy back in the early 1920-1930’s.  He died tragically and too soon.  It would have been interesting to see if he could have made the transition from silent movies to talkies?   http://www.biography.com/people/rudolph-valentino-9514591    My mother and I watched this movie on TV together years ago.  She would have been 10 years old when it came out.

A Screen shot of Rudolph Valentino

A head shot of Rudolph Valentino

Eddie also loved classical music – try this link.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ernestine_Schumann-Heink  She kept this newspaper photo of this opera singer who apparently visited the area.

Madame Schuman-Heink Came to sing in 1923.

Madame Schuman-Heink Came to sing in 1923.

Eddie’s Collection of Junk: The Subject is Boys!

January 30, 2014

School dances can be fun and frightening especially in high school. Eddie had her dance card among her possession in her Collection of Junk.  This is very interesting because someone designed the card in the form of a butterfly.

CHS Junior Prom 1924

CHS Junior Prom 1924

Here is the program from the backside:

CHS Junion Prom 1924

CHS Junior Prom 1924

Eddie did get some dances in. Do we even do this in these days, have dance cards?

Eddie's Dance Card

Eddie’s Dance Card

The Senior class list is inside the Junior Prom program?

CHS Senior Class 1924

CHS Senior Class 1924

Here are Eddie’s comments about the dance. Just click the photo below to read it in her own words, then hit your back button to return.  If you understand what she means, let me know.  Apparently socializing was tough in high school even in the 1920’s.

Eddie's comments

Eddie’s Collection of Junk: School work!

January 23, 2014

Below you will find pictures of some of the class comments Eddie made about her Sophomore and Junior years at Cheney High School. I think I will let you explore.  I warn you, you will be laughing or grimacing in memory of your high school struggles, remember this is the early 1920’s.  Just click on the picture and it will get bigger, then remember to hit your back button or click the tab closed to return.

Bookmark from Ancient History Class 1922

Bookmark from Ancient History Class 1922

Book market front side

Book market front side

This book mark is soft and rug like but lightweight:

Bookmark Backside

Bookmark Backside

The pride of her Sophomore year, she got a 96 in Electricity.

Eddie's Pride of her Sophomore Year

Eddie’s Pride of her Sophomore Year

Apparently Latin was not Eddie’s thing:

Latin is killing me

Year of mystery

Eddie’s Collection of Junk: More Examples of Domestic Science 1921-23

January 16, 2014

Eddie had a huge wooden loom her in apartment for many years. I mean huge, it was a floor model.  I think it was for rugs, but I cannot remember now.  Yes she was a weaver, knitter, embroidery, sewing, cooking and oh yes photographer.  Here I think you see on the left of her one of her pillows.  Apparently she is working on some project.  This photo was taken in about 1940 but I think it tells you that her love of sewing, needlework and more followed her all her life.

Eddie Crafting

Eddie Crafting

In her Collection of Junk she had these designs:

Examples of Eddie's Designs for Domestic Science

Examples of Eddie’s Designs for Domestic Science

img734 img735 img736 img737

Years later we find two samples of doll clothes she made for her nieces. There were a lot more in the possession of my cousin of these doll clothes:

Doll clothes by Eddie

Doll clothes by Eddie

Eddie’s Collection of Junk: Domestic Science circa 1921, 1922 and 1923!

January 9, 2014

My Aunt Eddie was truly a craftswoman and artist.  All of us of an older age and female took classes in “domestic science,” or maybe you knew it as “Home Economics.” I remember my sewing class in high school and I seem to recall cooking cookies.

Definition of Domestic Science: “The study of cooking, needlework and other subjects concerned with household skills.” from the English Dictionary.

Here is a curriculum for public schools in 1920 in Domestic Science:


  1. Needlework
  2. Household sewing
  3. Preparatory lessons in Home Management and Personal Hygiene
  4. Practical Cookery, theoretical cookery
  5. Laundry work
Eddie at her sewing machine

Eddie at her sewing machine

I wish you could see these and feel them, they have survived 91+ years.  I have practiced these techniques in my time as well in the 1960’s.

Eddie's examples from her Domestic Science Class 1921-23

Eddie’s examples from her Domestic Science Class 1921-23

More of her samples for Domestic Science class 1921-23

More of her samples for Domestic Science class 1921-23

More of her samples for Domestic Science class 1921-23

More of her samples for Domestic Science class 1921-23

Eddie's work more samples

Eddie’s work – more samples

Snaps anyone - More of Eddie's work

Snaps anyone – More of Eddie’s work

Eddie’s Pile of Junk: A Cooking Class Project 1923

January 2, 2014
Class Project to Cook dinner - Sophomore Class 1923

Class Project to Cook dinner – Sophomore Class 1923

The page above reads:

“Souvenir of dinner served by Sophomore to them served under the supervision of Miss Gertrude Gage, 1923.”

“Souvenir of dinner served by S. cooking Class to teachers & mothers.  Mostly teachers as only about six mothers out of fourteen were present.”

This looks like the menu and if so, I am impressed.

The Menu for the Cooking Class 1923

The Menu for the Cooking Class 1923

Apparently it was not as successful as they had hoped.

Menu - Cooking Class CHS 1923

Menu – Cooking Class CHS 1923

Eddie’s Collection of Junk: The Tornado 1921

December 26, 2013

Eddie was involved in what was either a class project, a play or a newsletter?  It was titled THE TORNADO.

There are eleven pages and it appears that it may be several versions of the manuscript or issues?  I have tried to piece it together using the page numbers, but it might be better grouped with the color of the paper.  The date was February 23, 1921.


Chairman:  Elizabeth Andrews

Editorial: Volene Wyatt

Assoc. Editor: Merville Ryan


Literary:  Edna McDonald and Clare Bemis

Dramatic:  Edith Sowles

General:  Walter Murphy

Advertising:  Lester Barr

Sports: Ruby Bargloff and Everett Conley

Locals: Ione Addington

Jokes:  Mina Barnes and Clarance Dykes.

You can just click on the photos below and they will open in a larger window.  Don’t forget to click your back button or close a tab to get back to this blog.













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