DNA Can it help me with my Genealogical Research?

December 6, 2014:  If you are a cousin reading this blog or any of my other blogs please consider taking a atDNA test and/or autosomal and a yDNA test.  As of now they are on sale for the Holiday Season.

I am particularly interested in the male line of the surname for this blog regarding the various spellings of MacDonald/MacDonell/McDonald/McDonell etc.  The goal is to get you to join the Clan Donald DNA group at Family Tree DNA.

Meanwhile start reading:  Beginner’s Guide to Genetic Genealogy by Kelly Wheaton.  It is free.  It is short lessons with links to explore.  I am reading it and will probably reread it till it sinks in.


I am still learning but it is getting better. HA!  Bonnie

August 1, 2014:  In the last year, I have taken an autosomal test through 23&ME https://www.23andme.com/ and I transferred that test to Family Tree DNA which has discontinued taking tests from other companies.  I then took the mtDNA test (on sale) at Family Tree DNA and those results are now in. https://www.familytreedna.com/

At this point, I don’t know what I am doing, HA!

I am trying to read and study.

I am currently reading the PDF at Family Tree DNA “I have the Results of My Genetic Genealogy, Now What?” This PDF covers yDNA and mtDNA but not autosomal.

My mtDNA will not help with MacD research but will help with the other side of my family, my mother’s side. However, I may seek out a group DNA project that I might be able to join and see what comes up.  Or start my own.

My cousin on the MacDonald side kindly agreed to take the autosomal test at Family Tree.  He did the test and I am its administrator so to speak.  Y-DNA is up the male direct line from son to father to his fathers father and on up.  I am hoping that it might help us figure out which line of the MacD family we belong to.  We both took the autosomal and we are very close as cousins.

I still have to study the lineage on the charts that my Great Aunt Nellie prepared and compare it to other charges which do not agree so there is a big challenges coming.

Several individuals have contacted me and I have forwarded them to my MacDonald cousin.  One is with the Sauve line the other we are not sure yet, but we are always willing to share.

One goal is to have my MacDonald cousin take a yDNA test and then have him join Clan Donald research or some other group.  The other is to convince my family member to take this test, but I have to study up.

More to come…Bonnie

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