Cheney High School Honor Roll 1924 & Basketball

March 20, 2014

The Eastern Washington University has a great newspaper archive and I found these items about the students at Cheney.

The February 1924 issue features Jean under the Biology section. Edna is under the English listings.  Miriam has graduated but here are a series of 1924 photos of the sisters except Vivian.

Miriam, Jean and Eddie Winter 1924

Miriam, Jean and Eddie Winter 1924

Eddie, Jean Nellie, Miriam and unknown girl. Winter 1924

Eddie, Jean Nellie, Miriam and unknown girl. Winter 1924

Jean, Eddie and unknown friend, Winter 1924.

Jean, Eddie and unknown friend, Winter 1924. Eddie has a camera in her hands

The March article you will find Jean’s name under Biology and Modern History.  Eddie appears under the English students.

Honor Students Feb 1924

Honor Students Feb 1924

Honor Students Cheney WA March 1924 & Basketball

Honor Students Cheney WA March 1924 & Basketball

A close up of the March 1924 article on Honor Students has a little article tucked in at the end about the girls basketball team receiving the honor of letters.  Eddie is listed.

Basketball March 1924

Basketball March 1924

“Twelve members of girls’ basketball teams at the Cheney high school have been awarded honor letters as follows:  Clare Bemi, Adelia Bacharach, Vivian Harmon, Alice Ewy, Edna McDonald, Alberta Victor, Theresia Burke, Virginia Nance, Genevieve Johnson, Gertrude Bechtel, Elizabeth Andrews, Juanita Eads.”

Eddie’s Collection of Junk: A Party for the Letter “C” Club – 1924!

March 13, 2014

In 1924 they had a party for the Letter “C” Basketball club.  Looks like Eddie was in the middle of the planning of this event.

Planning for a Party for the Letter C Club

Planning for a Party for the Letter C Club

Here is the inside of the program you see on the right in the photo above:

Letter "C" Club Program 1924

Letter “C” Club Program 1924

The best part is the writing under the menu:  If you want anything done ask Edna…Lois Enders.

Eddie’s Collection of Junk: Organizing Girls Basketball 1923 CHS

March 6, 2014

My Aunt Eddie was involved in the Cheney High School Newsletter, Domestic Science projects, wrote letters to other students in different parts of the country, movie stars, was interested in politics, classical music, literature and now we find her involved in the establishment of the  Girls Basketball Club and team at Cheney High School.  The descriptive label “Renaissance Man” is used to describe someone with many talents or areas of knowledge, well I think my Aunt Eddie might qualify with “Renaissance Women.”

Girl's Letter C Club for Basketball CHS 1923

Girl’s Letter C Club for Basketball CHS 1923

Letter C Club Emblem in construction paper.

Letter C Club Emblem in construction paper.

Letter C Final Version?

Letter C Final Version? Eddie’s actual letter!

This last version is made of fabric and is very soft.

The following typed two page paper seems to be a speech that was written, click to read it.  Start on the right and go to the left. I think Eddie wrote this?

A Speech about Girls Basketball 1923?

A Speech about Girls Basketball 1923?

In the Cheney Yearbook for 1925 we see a little history about the Girl’s Basketball team.  Eddie is in the middle row and on the far right with short hair.

Girl's Basket Ball Cheney High 1925.

Girl’s Basket Ball Cheney High 1925.

Girl’s Basketball – A great interest was shown by the girls in basketball this year.  Stimulated by the Letter “C” club and the coach’s enthusiastic efforts, there were many more contestants than ever before, and, as a result, commotion among the classes ran high.  The Letter “C” club, which was made up of girls who won letters last year, is a strong organization in the High School.  Its stringent rules made it hard to win letters; nevertheless, the girls cheerfully obeyed them, and those who won “Cs” can justly be proud.  Sportsmanship played a large part in the earning of letters.  Not only did the players have to treat the decisions of the coach with respect but also have consideration for each other’s rights.  Every one had to abide by the laws of the Letter “C,” be able to shoot 3 out of 5, or 6 out of 10 baskets, and to throw the ball at least 50 feet.  The first public game took place between two matched teams at the YMCA game, and later another was played for the PTA to prove the merits of girls’ basketball.  As has been done in former years, an inter-class tournament was held to determine the champions in the Senior High.  The results were:  Sophomores-2 vs. Seniors-18; Sophomores-25 vs. Juniors-31; Juniors-12 vs. Seniors-26; Juniors-11 vs. Seniors 24.  The senior girls have been champions for two years. 

Girls who win letters in other activities are also permitted to join the Letter “C” provided they comply as nearly as possible with the regulations.  The members are as follows:  Adelia Bacharach, Nora Baker, Claire Bemis, Nina Blum, Lucille Bowers, Pauline Bowmen, Mary Burke, Theresia Burke, Juanita Eads, Alice Ewy, Vivian Harmon, Irma Hood, Geraldine Huffman, Helen Huse, Beulah Liedloff, Edna McDonald, Golda Pense, Lilly Pryer, Velma Reed, Dorothy Tuten. 

Something happened regarding this Letter C situation.  In the post I wrote about Eddie’s brother Gordon: Eddie’s “Collection of Junk” – Brother Gordy early 1920’s, dated September 12, 2013.  Apparently brother Gordy saw the original version of the Letter “C” and took over and perhaps the “C” above is what became the final one?

Eddie’s Collection of Junk: Robert W. Service – author & poet

February 27, 2014

It must have been a class assignment that brought Eddie to write about Robert W. Service, who was an author and poet.  He was credited for writing about the Yukon.  She got a 97 on her manuscript. It would be interesting to see where her inspiration came from, her sources and more. Hmmm…he is very handsome in his photograph. Could this be a musings of a young girl?

Robert W. Service, The Original home page: and article might be of interest

This website has his poems to read:

Remember to click on the pages and then use your back button to return or close a tab.

Eddie's school manuscript about R. W. Service circa 1923

Eddie’s school manuscript about R. W. Service circa 1923

Eddie's manuscript page two about R. W. Service

Eddie’s manuscript page two about R. W. Service

Robert Service - Rhymes of a Red Cross Man

Robert Service – Rhymes of a Red Cross Man

Robert Service Rhymes of a Rolling Stone

Robert Service Rhymes of a Rolling Stone

Robert Service:  The Ghost

Robert Service: The Ghost

Robert Service The Idealist and The Baldness of Chewed-ear"

Robert Service The Idealist and The Baldness of Chewed-ear”

Robert Service Sunshine

Robert Service Sunshine

Eddie’s Collection of Junk: Letters from other Schools

February 20, 2014

Eddie had kept in her Collection of Junk letters from students that she had written to during her time at Cheney High School in the 1920’s.  I know some classes actually have writing projects like this. The topics are what life was like in their part of the country a long way from Eddie in Cheney.

I share these because these people are probably long passed away but maybe a descendant will find them and want them, on the other hand, would any of Eddie’s letters to them would they have survived? (Note:  Just click on the photo and it will open in a larger window, then click your back button to return to this blog or close your tab at the top.)

Letters from Other Schools

1.  Exeter, New Hampshire,  January 9, 1920 by Willis E. McCasland.

Letter for New Hampshire

News from NH

New Hampshire news

2. Helen Heagey, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.  Apparently they became pen pals for a while.

Helen's letters

Helen's Letter page 1

Helen's letter page 2

Helen's letter page 2

3.   Mae Reincher also of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, January 19, 1920.

Mae's letter

Eddie’s Collection of Junk: The Death of Harding, Coolidge Takes Presidency

February 13, 2014

Eddie’s political leanings started to manifest in her teenage years and she had in her Collection of Junk quite a few articles about Coolidge.  She had the Spokane Daily Chronicle a full newspaper saved.  It was dated August 3, 1923 with the Headline: Harding’s Death Stuns Nation. 

Harding's death Coolidge's takes office 1923

Harding’s death Coolidge’s takes office 1923



Eddie’s Collection of Junk: The Movies and Music!

February 6, 2014

Eddie uses the saying “I was Shiekless” in her comments in the last post about the Junior Prom.  We have been pondering the meaning of this comment.  I wonder if it has something to to with this man.

Eddie was very fond of Rudolf Valentino.  Here is his head shot compliments of the Liberty Theatre in Spokane.  He did a movie called “The Shiek.”

If you go here or view his silent movies be prepared to be SHOCKED! (Just kidding!)

He was considered quite racy back in the early 1920-1930’s.  He died tragically and too soon.  It would have been interesting to see if he could have made the transition from silent movies to talkies?    My mother and I watched this movie on TV together years ago.  She would have been 10 years old when it came out.

A Screen shot of Rudolph Valentino

A head shot of Rudolph Valentino

Eddie also loved classical music – try this link.  She kept this newspaper photo of this opera singer who apparently visited the area.

Madame Schuman-Heink Came to sing in 1923.

Madame Schuman-Heink Came to sing in 1923.

Eddie’s Collection of Junk: The Subject is Boys!

January 30, 2014

School dances can be fun and frightening especially in high school. Eddie had her dance card among her possession in her Collection of Junk.  This is very interesting because someone designed the card in the form of a butterfly.

CHS Junior Prom 1924

CHS Junior Prom 1924

Here is the program from the backside:

CHS Junion Prom 1924

CHS Junior Prom 1924

Eddie did get some dances in. Do we even do this in these days, have dance cards?

Eddie's Dance Card

Eddie’s Dance Card

The Senior class list is inside the Junior Prom program?

CHS Senior Class 1924

CHS Senior Class 1924

Here are Eddie’s comments about the dance. Just click the photo below to read it in her own words, then hit your back button to return.  If you understand what she means, let me know.  Apparently socializing was tough in high school even in the 1920’s.

Eddie's comments

Eddie’s Collection of Junk: School work!

January 23, 2014

Below you will find pictures of some of the class comments Eddie made about her Sophomore and Junior years at Cheney High School. I think I will let you explore.  I warn you, you will be laughing or grimacing in memory of your high school struggles, remember this is the early 1920’s.  Just click on the picture and it will get bigger, then remember to hit your back button or click the tab closed to return.

Bookmark from Ancient History Class 1922

Bookmark from Ancient History Class 1922

Book market front side

Book market front side

This book mark is soft and rug like but lightweight:

Bookmark Backside

Bookmark Backside

The pride of her Sophomore year, she got a 96 in Electricity.

Eddie's Pride of her Sophomore Year

Eddie’s Pride of her Sophomore Year

Apparently Latin was not Eddie’s thing:

Latin is killing me

Year of mystery

Eddie’s Collection of Junk: More Examples of Domestic Science 1921-23

January 16, 2014

Eddie had a huge wooden loom her in apartment for many years. I mean huge, it was a floor model.  I think it was for rugs, but I cannot remember now.  Yes she was a weaver, knitter, embroidery, sewing, cooking and oh yes photographer.  Here I think you see on the left of her one of her pillows.  Apparently she is working on some project.  This photo was taken in about 1940 but I think it tells you that her love of sewing, needlework and more followed her all her life.

Eddie Crafting

Eddie Crafting

In her Collection of Junk she had these designs:

Examples of Eddie's Designs for Domestic Science

Examples of Eddie’s Designs for Domestic Science

img734 img735 img736 img737

Years later we find two samples of doll clothes she made for her nieces. There were a lot more in the possession of my cousin of these doll clothes:

Doll clothes by Eddie

Doll clothes by Eddie


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